Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekending - the last of April and a DIY Playhouse Update

Happy May Day!! 
I always associate May 1st with surprising friends, neighbors and family with flowers....although I always forget that it's May 1st and have yet to leave May Flowers on anyone's doorstep.  One year I will have my act together and will do it with the girls.

We had ourselves a super busy and productive weekend!! Don't you just love it when you feel so accomplished at the end of the weekend?  Technically my weekend started on Wednesday but I'm going to share starting on Thursday because it's just too great not to share.


We were up bright and early and ready to take on the day.  I had to run to Lowes before Ellie's ballet class to grab some Kilz primer so I could get started on our Playhouse project.  (see more details here).   So I got the girls ready to go and Finnley was all about standing and seriously how cute is her top?  Ellie was less than excited about taking a picture before leaving for ballet...and it turns out that was just her mood for the day.

We got everything we needed for the Playhouse makeover and made it to ballet with time to spare.  So I discussed our options about signing Finnley up to be able to take classes and now know what to expect...we won't be enrolling her until after July 4th.

Ellie had a great time in ballet and is doing much better at her routine.  Then she had gymnastics and was much better behaved than the last time...she did get to jump in the foam pit and that is always a winner.  Ellie wanted to have lunch at Jimmy Johns after her classes...clearly I was the only one excited about a Mama/Daughters date, haha!

We got home and I got the girls down for naps and then got to work on priming the Playhouse.  Since it's an old chicken coop I really want to make sure we seal in any and all of the potential chicken shit that's in there.  I primed all the studs as far as I could reach...I'd say it was a successful naptime project.


The girls and I met my sister for coffee and cupcakes in the morning to meet her new baby boy.  Ellie was beyond thrilled to meet a new cousin, especially that he was a baby.  We had a great visit and then were off to get back home for lunch and naps.  When I finally got the girls down for their naps I headed out to the Playhouse and got to work priming the rest of the walls and the ceiling with the roller extension.  As well as the floor with a double coat because of chicken shit...

Finnley was already awake when Thomas got home and so we had some time just the three of us and then somehow I convinced Thomas to get out and prime the studs in the ceiling before I had to leave for MNO with one of my mom friends.

Finnley, Ellie and I had fun playing in the backyard while Thomas painted and once again Finnley was all about the standing...but is still super unsure about walking!!!

Thomas got most of the painting done before I headed out.  My girlfriend and I went to a Junk Show and then out to dinner and drinks.  I had three things on my list to look for at the show: a door knob (no such luck), a ladder (no such luck) and windows for the playhouse...I found two matching ones and they were the right size!! It was a new addition to the playhouse project that I had just decided about a couple of days ago...Thomas was on board and measured the spaces for me just to make sure the windows would work!  1 out of 3 isn't terrible and it's quite nice on my wallet ;)

I had so much fun shopping and looking around with my friend and then out for drinks and dinner's been a while since we've been able to hang out without our girls and made it a late night out...I didn't get home until after midnight!! Eek


We got up early and Thomas headed out to the Playhouse to finish up the priming!! I can't get over how much brighter and cleaner it looks and I would almost let Ellie and Finnley play in there just as it is!! 

After he finished up painting Ellie and I headed to the farm store to get a load of hay and then back so I could get ready to go to my best friends house for a Cabi party she was hosting.  We had a fun time eating, drinking, and shopping (I didn't find anything I had to have but it was fun nonetheless).  Then Thomas dropped the girls off with us and he headed into Seattle to go to the Sounders Game.  Ellie, Finnley and I had so much fun at my friends house that we didn't get home until dinner time.  We had to make a stop at the store and then it was home for dinner and bedtime.


We had to run to Lowes to pick up supplies for the Playhouse floor and loft space...but first breakfast at Panera.  Finnley was all about the empty water cup and Ellie just wanted chips.

When we got home from our running around the girls had lunch and then down for naps.  While they were sleeping we worked on the Playhouse together.  We got the door cut to will be a dutch door so it's not quite done but it was nice to visualize.  Then we got the floors laid down...they are much more sturdy now and there are no longer hazardous holes in the floor ;)  We were also able to problem solve and figure out how to get the beams up for the loft space and got that all installed and completed!! I was hoping to complete those two steps this weekend and am so happy we were able to accomplish that goal! I am so excited for the progress we are making on this and am anxious to get it completed so that the girls can start playing in it.

The project list is getting more detailed but things are getting crossed off the list and I am loving how it is coming along.

Finnley woke up just minutes after we walked in the door and we are officially DONE with the bottles and formula!! It turns out she is more of a straw sippy fan than a regular sippy and I couldn't be happier.  I love having my counter top back and that we no longer have to measure and mix formula.

We headed out to girl's cousins house after naps to celebrate her oldest cousins birthday. We had a great time and Ellie always loves to be with her cousins.  One of Thomas' brother's was unable to make it to Finnley's party so he brought her present along and she can't get enough of it!!

We had a busy full weekend but it was so much fun.

Here's to MAY!!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. We had some friends that always left us flowers on May day! Such a fun memory! :)

    Love the playhouse progress! I can't wait to watch it come along!


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