Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life Lately - ballet recital, playhouse progress and a birthday

We've been busy again and I can't say that I can complain.  Life is just going sweetly and I am trying to soak up every single minute of it.  As usual I have about 5 different projects going on and juggling them all is getting a little crazy - which might be why I haven't been on here much.

But First...
Ellie had her very first Ballet Recital this past weekend.  On Friday she had her dress rehearsal and got to put on make up - including lipstick.  She was so adorable and I knew her lashes were to die for but once I got the mascara on I just about lost it. She was too cute in her Rainbow Connection costume.  I almost got tears in my eye watching her perform and she did fantastic.

On Saturday we gave Ellie her birthday present early, it's actually a combined gift for both girls but since Finnley isn't too interested at this point Ellie is having a blast driving it all around the farm.

Speaking of the farm, Thomas and I got to work on Project Playhouse during the girls naps and cut some holes for a pair of windows I picked up at a junk show as well as made a door jam for the dutch door on the left side of the house!  I am so excited for the progress we are making.  Hopefully we'll get the windows installed and some plywood up on the walls and the girls can start playing in there!

I woke Ellie up from her nap and got her ready for her Ballet Recital.  It was so fun getting her all dolled up again and then watching her perform in front of an audience.  She did awesome and was so serious but having fun at the same time.  I must mention that she was very concerned about staying in her assigned spot on stage!!  Despite Finnley's face she did have a good time.  She wasn't feeling too well...we found out later that she has a UTI and is now on antibiotics and doing much better.  After her performance Thomas gave her a bouquet of fresh flowers picked from our farm and she was totally smitten.

That evening I had to take a final picture with my main girl before she turned 4!

Her love for her sister is something fierce!

Sunday was Ellie's 4th Birthday and we celebrated by going on a ferry ride to our favorite island for some time on the beach, at the park, and stopping at our favorite bakery for some goodies before heading back home for dinner.  While Thomas was preparing Ellie her elaborate meal of Top Ramen ;) I went outside to plant my new Magnolia tree and flowering currents.

♥ Ashley

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  1. Oh my gosh, Ellie is such a doll in her dance recital outfit!!


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