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Adios 1989 - A Great Floors Review

Y'all when I chose my Word for 2017 I really had no idea how satisfying it was going to be.  I am so happy to have crossed off another two things off our list and am really enjoying this whole new mindset of just doing things.  Not everything I do has to cost money to accomplish my Word for 2017, we've done plenty of picnics, impromptu visits to the park and painting for Ellie.

We finally did it, we have replaced all of the flooring in our house from 1989...well almost!!  This past month we put new floors into the bedrooms, which was long over due since I'm pretty sure the carpet was original to the house and the previous owners had cats.  The only floors we have left to replace are the Master Bathroom and our laundry room (and the entryway but that is the lowest of low on the to do list - so low that I don't care if we ever replace them)

After lots of himming and hawing, I was able to convince Thomas that wood floors were the way to go.  It wasn't too hard to convince him since Cooper has had many a middle of the night episodes requiring us Thomas to get out the carpet cleaner (if you catch my drift).  So the thought of being able to easily wipe up any messes became more appealing by the night ;)

Even though we had a horrible experience with Lumber Liquidators (and their installation crew) we wanted to go with the same flooring.  I have a family friend who lays floors and he came out to give me a quote on the installation.  I knew he was the way to go because we would get quality installation without any of the headache - and what's better than supporting a friend?  So off to Lumber Liquidators to get the flooring and it turns out that our floors were discontinued and they only had 2 crappy boxes, some other stores in the state a few boxes but I would have had to drive to pick them up because they don't ship from store to store...not to mention that the sales staff are missing 3/4 of their brain cells and have the worst customer service.  There is much more headache to the story but let me just say that based on my experience and that of my extended family DO NOT use Lumber Liquidators their company is shit!  

So I made my way over to Great Floors (which is about 8 miles closer to my farm #winning) the staff was super helpful, kind, and quick to answer any questions.  They have all of their brain cells and superb customer service.  They actually had a floor that matched almost perfectly and even though it was in stock at another store they would ship it to their store free of charge!! #winningagain The flooring was in store a couple days later and the loading into our truck was quick and seamless (unlike our previous experience).  We got home and unloaded into our home just before a hailstorm hit...the timing was perfect.  The flooring sat in our home for about a week and then we scheduled the installation.  It was a mad dash because he was available the next day to do part of the job so we cleared out the girls room (and made a chaotic mess of our room and dining room) and then pulled out all the carpet, padding and tack strips.  We vacuumed and swept like mad people and then were ready for install the next day.  Ellie had school and I had an appointment, it was so nice having a friend do our install because I left him at our house to work without a worry in my heart to run around for a few hours.  When we got back after lunch Finnley's room was complete and Ellie's was 1/3 of the way done!!  Just a couple hours later and her rooms was done too! I was able to vacuum and mop and get both rooms back in order!

I can't get over how much better Finnley's room looks with the new flooring.  The match is barely noticeable and I am so pleased with our install experience this time around.  Luckily Finnley's room was relatively easy to put back together and I was able to sift out some unneeded items ;)

Sifting through Ellie's stuff was a bit more challenging. I learned that we have a lot of stuff and am working on simplifying our life a bit.  I love how her room looks and I feel so much better that she is no longer sleeping in the cat carpet room ;)

We were then able to schedule another day for install of our room.  Decluttering and cleaning out our room was a chore!  Our furniture is heavy (and we're selling it if you're local) and big.  It's going to be really nice going through and simplifying all our stuff.  Then Thomas got to work and pulled out all the carpet, padding and tack strips and vacuumed like a maniac.  Then he and Ellie left for the weekend and I took advantage of the cleared out room and painted our room.

**I have been wanting a new, lighter color in here for several years but the thought of moving all the furniture was a major road block.  I decided to go with a simple creamy white and I couldn't love it any more.  In truth I actually had to paint two different colors.  I originally went with Swiss Coffee but it wasn't creamy enough and made my white trimwork and doors look dirty and dingy.  Instead of painting all of that I decided to switch colors since the walls needed a second coat anyways.  I went with the same color white that is all throughout our house "Crisp Linen" which is an old color from Valspar back in 2010 that is no longer available, but I keep a can on hand with the barcode in tact and they are able to continue to blend it for me.**

We then left for our trip to Victoria and my friend had a key to our house and he was able to come and install our floors while we were on vacation.  We arrived home to the flooring complete and were able to vacuum and mop and bring some things back in.  It was so nice to finally have our bed back to ourselves...I had been sleeping with Ellie and Thomas on the couch.

Since we are selling our bedroom furniture we didn't want to bring it all back in, so we just have the dresser and the bed in our room.  We are using some extra table we already had for our nightstands.  I cannot wait to finish up this space - so if you know someone looking for a solid 5 piece bedroom set send them my way!

The rooms aren't done because we still have some touch up work, transitions and then I need to paint and install the new baseboard that matches the rest of the house!

I seriously cannot get over the difference these floors make in our rooms (not to mention the new white walls in our master) and I smile every time I look in them.  I really am starting to love this house of ours and might actually miss it when we decide to move.

All in all I think we had a wonderful experience with Great Floors and they continue to have spectacular customer service (and timely too) each time I call because I realize that we need just one more thing.  When it comes time to pick out tile for our bathroom I am pretty confident that we will happily become return customers.

♥ Ashley

This post was NOT sponsored by Great Floors, I was just so impressed with our experience that I wanted to share!

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  1. The floors look AMAZING!! Glad it was a better process than your first time!


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