Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[recipe] - Snickers Salad

 Happy 4th of July!! 

My house is all festive for the 4th today... I even have some red flowers (shocking I know) that are blooming in my yard today!  

I will be spending my evening pretty much as I have for the past 14 years -- watching my horses and hoping that the fireworks aren't too crazy.  I have noticed a HUGE improvement with my horses since we moved to our house and the neighbors moved out 3 years ago.  Since my horses no longer have horsey neighbors they have no fear to feed off of - except their own.  Luckily my darling little girl watches them so she calms down the big guy.  It will be fun to see how Paladin does this year!

here is a tour of my festive home! and see below for a great recipe!!

flag row along my flowerbed/lawn

welcome "wreath"
first ever hanging basket getting a little festive

more of my flag row
 my red flowers!! (and some weeds - need to get rid of those)

more flags along our walkway

little piggy in the house - thanks mom!!!
and we are even festive in our backyard - large flags and pennant courtesy of the Dollar Tree

I also wanted to share with you a recipe that I made today for our Neighbor's party!!

This is a recipe that is all over Nebraska.  My MIL brought it back from there last year after their trip to visit family.  (Practically my husbands WHOLE family is from Nebraska).

Snickers Salad

what you need:
3 apples - I used granny smith 
* cool whip about 8 oz (I used 16 for some reason but I am sure it will be just fine)
 * 1 cup of milk * 1 small box of french vanilla instant pudding
 * and about 4-5 snickers bars

 first mix the milk and pudding together
 until it looks like this
 then dump in the cool whip - my recipe said to fold in...but I just whisked
 until it was well incorporated
 then I peeled the apples and diced them
 not sure if that was right but it seemed like the natural thing to do
 incorporated the apples into the pudding/cool whip mixture
 unwrap your snickers and give a chop
 idk how small - I liked that these were like bite sized
 add in the snickers and stir together
make sure to incorporate and cover all the snickers

after that...put cover and put it into the fridge to chill for a while.

Try this - my understanding is that it is GREAT!!




  1. Snicker salad was a hit at the family reunion last summer so Amanda has made it for several gatherings since, including the family 4th celebration today. Happy 4th, my friend!

  2. glad you like it!

    ♥ Ashley


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