Friday, May 11, 2018

FriYAY it's May!!

I mentioned last week that I love May and that sentiment continues on this week as well.  It's been a BIG week in the Kids department and I am seriously soaking it all up.  We have about 10 weeks until our lives are flipped with a new baby and my first ever Post Partum recovery and breastfeeding experience!!!  Thankfully that will all take place during Summer Vacation so the Hubs will be home all day every day to give me an extra set of hands as we adjust...but honestly bringing home a new baby isn't that daunting, I just know it'll be different this time around since I am actually giving birth!

Anyways lets get on to this week, shall we?


Last weekend we had a "pre-Mother's Day" outing to my Mothership, Flower World and I got to look at all the floral and plant goodies I could get my eyes on.  We brought home some plants because #plantlady and the girls absolutely adored checking out the animals (goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and Peacocks/Peahens.  Going on these outings with two "independent" kiddos is amazing and the fact that they listen 80% of the time is perfection.  We came home from our excursion and we got to planting: tomatoes, parsley, rosemary, and cilantro.  Additionally I got some Foxglove (can't stop, won't stop) and another Pink Blueberry bush - this time it's Pink Popcorn and I cannot wait for the fruit!! that we planted on Monday.


The girls got this super cool Slip'n'Slide for their joint birthday party and the both had a blast trying it out this week before the rain came!  I'm loving turning out home into an oasis where the girls can have fun outside and we don't have to leave, it's going to make this Summer so much easier 😉.  Now their outdoor entertainment includes: goats, a pony, a gator, a trampoline, a swingset, and the slip'n'slide!!!  All we need are a lifetime supply of popscicles and bubbles and we are set for the Summer!!!


I've mentioned it before but Finnley is my little leech.  She often times gets overwhelmed when we go on social outings (without Ellie) and just is glued to me until 5 minutes before we leave.  Well this week Miss Thang ventured away from me at the Library and I so enjoyed watching her blossom and explore.  I'm sure she had so much fun but I mostly loved that she wasn't attached to me!!  I love seeing her out on her own and checking out all the things, seeing what she's interested in, and developing her self.  Maybe it's because its the second time around or maybe because she's been so timid but I definitely give her more free reign than I did Ellie when we are out and about...anyone else the same??


Speaking of Finnley, she did spectacular at gymnastics this week.  We made it to the gym for both days and she is really coming along.  I didn't get to sign her up for the skills class this session so we've been going to the open gym instead and I like that it's a little more relaxed but I also really miss the structure of the skills class.  Nevertheless, I've been working on having Finnley jump off of items with 2 feet instead of stepping down and she finally picked it up this week.  She loved stepping up on the balance beams and walking to the end to jump off all by herself!! I love that she has picked up this skill and we've been practicing it off of curbs, over painted lines in parking lots, and on the bottom step of a staircase!!  However, Finnley's favorite at open gymnastics is hanging on to the rope and swinging, this girl LOVES to swing!!


Ellie's preschool had it's Mother's Day Tea this week and I loved having Ellie host me there.  Finnley came along too because SAHM life and both girls were awesome.  Ellie served me my snacks, poured my "tea" into a fancy china teacup, smiled for all the pictures, sang songs with her class, and presented me with the sunflower she grew from seed along with a Mom questionnaire that I just adored!!  I'm going to miss her preschool next year but I know she is going to rock Kindergarten so hard and it's going to be the best for her!!  I am so impressed with the progress she has made this year and love her zest for learning.  


We also celebrated my horse's 15th Birthday this week.  It was bittersweet because it is the last birthday I'll get to spend with her as I have decided to sell her.  I've had her her entire life and am going to miss her incredibly, but I know that I am not giving her the life she deserves and she has so much potential to go on and do great things that I need to stop being selfish and send her off to someone who is going to help realize her potential.  She will always be in my heart.

We're off to go on Ellie's field trip and Finnley gets to hang out at Ellie's school while I chaperone!!!  Hopefully the teacher's bring their earplugs today because Finnley has got some lungs 😉

Happy Friday y'all!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Happy birthday to your horse & happy early mother's day to you!


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