Friday, May 18, 2018

Oh Hey there May!! Mother's Day, Flowers, and the Playhouse

So it looks like Friday is the day that I like to post.  Things have been pretty busy and as most of you know that means that the blog takes a back seat.  I had full intentions of posting all about Mother's Day earlier this week but today will just have to do.

As I mentioned last week, we went to the nursery to start off Mother's Day celebrations and came home and got all the things planted.  But if you know me, it wasn't quite enough and I needed more!! 


On Saturday we got up early and made our way down to the local Farmer's Market, where I was able to pick up the last tomato plant I was hoping to put in the garden.  Originally I only wanted to get ONE tomato plant and here I am the proud gardener of THREE!!  I saw lots of other great things at the market but somehow managed to pass on it all.  Maybe next week.
We then got on a Ferry and made a day trip to our favorite Island.  Our first stop was to the beach.  Several weeks ago while we were at Costco I spotted the coolest sand/beach bucket set and Ellie has been begging to go to the beach ever since.  We finally got to put it to use and both girls adored it!!  After the beach we made our way to lunch, then over to the park for the girls to play some more.  The Island had a Farmer's Market going on so we walked over to that, then to their Pharmacy (which has a great toy section as well as home decor) and finally off to the locally made Ice Cream.  Ellie got Vanilla with sprinkles while Thomas and I shared local rhubarb and ginger swirl - it was so delish!!  On our way back to the car we stopped in the flower shop but I decided to pass since they were all pretty expensive.  Then we hopped in the car...both girls passed out and made our way back to the Ferry to head home.


On Sunday we got up and the girls wanted to draw on the chalkboard.  Ellie made a picture for "Dada" and when I told her that today was Mother's Day she exclaimed in a quite disgusted tone of voice "Again?!!!".  I couldn't help myself from laughing it was just too funny.  We then got to work on the Playhouse finishing up a few things and we are now ready to lay down the flooring!!  I finished planting some boxwoods I had gotten earlier in the week, our hanging baskets got switched out and got the Tomato planted in the garden.  I also fished out my packet of cucumber seeds and green beans and got those in the ground as well.
We then made our way out to lunch for Fish'n'Chips and made a stop at Metropolitan Market for dinner ingredients and flowers.  We got home and the girls took naps, Thomas mowed the yard, we planted a blueberry bush and the girls had fun out on the Trampoline while I took a nap!  Then we had dinner and it was seriously one of the best Mother's Days spent with my favorite people.


Earlier this week Ellie was getting her coloring seeing her improvement in this area...and she made a rainbow!!! It's the first one I've seen her do and I love it so very much!


After spending the weekend outside in our backyard I noticed how many empty pots I had on the deck. So the girls and I stopped by yet another nursery to pick up some flowers.  I love having them help out and grabbing what they like!  I also picked up a packet of zuchinni seeds, a basil plant, and sage plant for the garden...along with some more Lupine and Poppies to put out front.  We headed home and got the girl's flowers potted up and my herbs in the garden.  I'm loving all the additions we're making this year and how homey our home is feeling!


I've always loved Snowball Trees.  We bought our house in January and the landscaping left much for me to be desired, it was super low maintenance for the elderly couple who lived here before and being that it was the middle of January who knew what plants were actually planted.  As spring rolled around I began trying to visualize where I could plant a snowball tree and much to my surprise in May the three giant "bushes" in front were mature Snowball Trees!!  They've grown even more over the last 10 years and are one of my most favorite things about our yard!! They bring a smile to my face every spring and Ellie has been pretty enamored with them the last couple of years as well!!


We have ourselves another busy weekend with birthday parties, swimming, and all the other things (working on the playhouse) that I'm looking forward to having lots of fun!!!

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

♥ Ashley

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