Monday, May 7, 2018

The Monthly Bumpdate - weeks 25-29

Hello May!!  I've made it to the 3rd Trimester and still feeling pretty good!! This past month has been pretty epic with sweet little Finnley turning TWO! celebrating both girls for their joint family birthday Under the Sea, and another trip to Disneyland is in the books.  Additionally I had another Centering Appointment (group OB appt with Midwife) and got to hear sweet little boy's heartbeat again and thankfully my belly made some great growth progress from the last appt and is closer to measuring on track.  I managed to avoid a cough this month but did eat something that disagreed with me and wasn't feeling too good for about 3 days, my tummy was a rumbling.  I've also been hard at work on the girls playhouse and we finally got the ceiling beam installed this weekend! So now all we have to do is clear out our tools, give it a good sweeping and vacuum and we can bring in the linoleum flooring!! HOORAY! 

How far along: 29 weeks and 3 days

Size of baby: a cauliflower

Weight gain: just about 24 lbs

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good over all.  I really missed my pillow while in Disneyland and have tried sleeping a few nights without it and it just didn't go very well.  I have had some vivid dreams which is always a trip and then a few sleepless or restless nights here and there.  Additionally I've been having a hard time settling down at night but then eventually I'm able to drift off.

Cravings: desserts definitely sound delicious and as usual I love some pasta and spicy foods.  Chinese is the current craving and then all Asian actually will do.  Although I have wanted some "comfort" foods lately too: green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and all the rice.

Miss anything: sandwiches and being able to comfortable bend over and put my shoes on or pick something up.  I did try the veggie sandwich at Jimmy John's a couple of weeks ago and oh boy does it fit the bill, I'll take another every day!!

Movement: Heck yes, I even got to watch my belly move the other day which was pretty cool.  The movements are so reassuring but I can definitely do away with the baby hiccups...not a fan.

Gender: BOY!!!

Wedding rings on/off: on and now that the weather is getting warmer they aren't quite as loose as they have been.

Belly button in/out: it's on it way out and feels so strange.  If I cover it with my hand and laugh it pokes out more and is the weirdest...none of us are fans 😉

Happy or Moody: mostly happy but then I sure can get moody at times.  I'm really just trying to keep calm and find other distractions and practice my breathing - but that doesn't always work.

Looking forward to: Mother's Day!! Ellie's Birthday!! and my next appointment!

Next appointment: now that the 3rd Trimester is here I get to have two appointments this month and I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm pretty sure we're going to cover some great things in our discussion time and then soon enough we'll be serious about talking about labor and delivery!!!

&hearts: Ashley

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