Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Present - Installed

I got new interior doors for my birthday (back in March) the Lowes near our house was moving so they were having a big sale. But since our house is older, standard sized things that you get at big box stores don't fit. We just installed them yesterday.

**We have already replaced two doors in our house (the bathroom doors) thanks to Sakari. Our previous bathroom doors had locks on them with no safety, so once they were locked the only option to get them open was to kick them down - resulting in holes in the middle. What does this have to do with Sakari? Well the bathroom is her room when we are gone. She locked herself in in her bathroom and when I got home I had to kick the door down to get her out to feed her and let her relieve herself in the yard. So we moved her into our master bathroom, and the same thing happened. Keep in mind that she had been living in her room for about 3 months before this happened. Needless to say it was a blessing in diguise because I despised the doors that are original to the house. They are plain and cheep looking with absolutely NO character. So they got replaced with new 6 panel doors and WHITE!! We also got new knobs with a safety so this would not happen again.**

Ok back to the original post. We learned with the two bathroom doors that we had to take of about 1/8 of an inch on the width of the doors for them to fit into our door jams. And they do not do that service for you at the store, so Thomas had to router it off in addition to the hinge space. A lot of work. Since this was so much work we have been putting it off, but as it was on our list of "Summer Projects" we had to get it done as we are already halfway through August (yuck!). While it did not not go smoothly it also did not go smoothly. Luckily it all worked out and we did not have to go and buy another door. I accidentally instructed Thomas to put the hinges facing the WRONG side of the door, but we were able to use that door for the guest room instead of the master bedroom. Two of the hinge bolts were crooked so we had to sand off a thin layer of the door to get it to fit in the door jam. Only one of the doors went in with out a hitch. They are all matching, the only problem now, if you consider it a problem is that now when guests ask where the bathroom is, we cannot say " Ohh, its the white door in the hallway" because they are all white!!



All I have left to do is paint them (they are already primed) white and find new door knobs. I think that I will also look for or make a cute sign to hang on all the doors to "label" whats inside i.e. Master, Bathroom, Office, Guest Room, and Laundry.

Did you have any "Summer Projects"?

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