Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

Today my wonderful, loving, caring, hard-working, supportive, self-motivated, generous, selfless, embracing husband and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary. Yes we were married on 08.08.08

We have started a trend where we trade off each year who will plan our anniversary activities. This year is my turn. (while jokingly we gave each other our new range for our anniversary - we actually do not exchange gifts, instead we create memories). On our first anniversary we celebrated in Vancouver, BC. For our second anniversary we celebrated going to Pike Place Market and having dinner at the restaurant we had our rehearsal at. This year, our third year, we celebrated - gasp - CAMPING!! I am not a camper, I would like to consider myself a GLAMper (by this I mean - in a hotel). I love the outdoors - don't get me wrong - I mean we do live on a mini farm with farm animals and garden plots. But camping has just never been on my radar for something that I would like to do. However, in the interest in having a relationship where we compromise and think of each other, I knew that Thomas would really appreciate the gesture I was going for (or at least trying to be just a tad bit like him - selfless) so I took him camping.

We camped at this cute site in Leavenworth, WA. I love this Bavarian town. I love it even more in the summer time because, well frankly I like the stores better at this time of year. I have been going to this town since my childhood friend moved there in 5th grade. While it hasn't been a yearly trip in our family for a while, it is a place that Thomas and I try to visit as often as we can. Anyways back to the gut wrenching We bought a tent and blowup mattress for our new adventure. The tent was nice (the most fun part was the "bonding" that we had while pitching it) the mattress was decent (we were afraid to "pop" it so it was not very full of air and we just sunk in the middle of it) the campsite was great (we were about 20 yards away from HWY 2 and had Semi-Trucks "driving through" our tent. While it may not have been the most spectacular or ideal first camping excursion of our marriage - we learned and grew a lot in our bonding. I have to say that aside from the mishaps I had a great time (maybe it was just because of all the alone time I got with Thomas) and GASP I would go again. Just next time I would pack better and more, not pitch a tent next to a HWY and pump up the mattress all the way. I decided that I will write a book "The GLAMper's guide to 'real' Camping - the ONLY comprehensive Survival Guide" haha.

Not only did we do the whole camping thing but we also went for a Hike!! I am all sorts of outdoorsy now after this weekend. Itwas a great hike I think in all we went about 7 miles. I wore the worst shoes, actually they are great shoes the Rebok Easy Tones, but not ideal for hiking. I think I rolled my ankle's about 20 times and slide down the trail about 8 times, Thomas was a champ (he even drank water from the stream). Surprisingly only my butt hurts.

Please enjoy the following pictures of our trip.

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