Friday, August 19, 2011

They are in...

Ok so the pictures are not great but the subject is!! On our trip to Spokane earlier this summer we fell in love with Huckleberries and have been searching for them since. They grow wild over in Eastern Washington and that variety is Red. The variety that is available on the West side are a blue/black and we finally found a supplier Bryant Blueberry Farm !! It is a great little farm where you can pick their berries as well. If you are in the "Greater" Seattle area (I use that loosely as it is located in Arlington) it is a fantastic place to check out.

Planting on our farm is an ordeal of sorts. We live in a rock laden area. Its hard to dig a hole for a plant much less an inch into the ground without hitting a plethora of rocks. I am convinced that there are more rocks that dirt under our pastures. So planting these babies was a chore...practically an all day chore. (ok maybe not the WHOLE day but the better part of it). We planted two Native Star Huckleberry plants and.....drumroll.....a Chandler Blueberry plant as well. I am not a blueberry fan, at least I never felt that I was since I don't really like them. But on our trip to the farm this week, I had the chance to try a variety of species and found that the Chandler is my favorite. It also produces the largest berry. So I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the blueberry, but I will like the ones that we grow.


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  1. Ashley! Such nice words on my blog! Glad I visited you..what a life you are living - I love it!


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