Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vintage Additions

I love all of my Vintage finds, they add such character to my home and garden. Here are some recent ones that I have picked up.

I have fallen in love with these old water pumps, but it has been hard to commit to one because they are soo over priced. While this one is rusty, I plan on cleaning it up and painting it, I had to get it because it was such a great price. I picked it up in an antique mall in Sumner. This is the first time I have seen one under $150!

These washtubs are great!! My MIL picked this up for me on her trip to visit family in Nebraska. The sun was out when I took this picture, so you can't really tell the color, its that classic car green color. It is beautiful and since it was from the Midwest it was a steal of a deal. I still have to figure out how I am going to use it, I have a couple ideas. I have used it as a drink cooler for parties, just fill it up with some ice add drinks and you are good to go, the best part is that you just turn the plug and all the water drains dumping required. I was also thinking of using it in the "traditional" way as a planter but its just so pretty. The last idea I had was to have a round piece of glass cut and use it as a side table inside. The possibilities are endless.

And then there is this cute little guy I picked up for a SONG in Bremerton.

What are some of your recent Vintage Finds? How are you planning on using them?


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