Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diaper Cake

Last weekend my MIL, Deanna, hosted a baby shower for my Cousin-In-Law. She was visiting from Nebraska, so we needed to take advantage of her trip "home". It was a lovely shower and I really enjoyed helping Deanna with the festivities. I think I have found a new calling....Event Planning. It was so fun decorating her house for the shower and getting the table all ready. I also helped out with the menu: I made Cream of Carrot Soup and Savory Butterhorns (I posted those recipes in December 2011 so go ahead and scroll back to my previous posts) and Deanna made delicious Egg Salad Sandwiches with Parsons Farm Fresh Eggs!!!

Now for the reason for this post. I made my FIRST diaper cake, I say first because I hope to make more!! It was so fun!! Keep reading for the tutorial.

First you will need about 70 of these little guys (whichever size you deem appropriate):

Then you will need to make them look like this (using rubber bands):
And a variety of ribbon (the colors of the shower theme in various widths):
My favorite part the Prizes!!! (washcloths, rattles, a bottle, passies, booties, bibs, teethers, etc):
Then you start assembling, using a bottle for the center, add about 7 diaper rolls around the bottle and rubber band to hold. Do a second row around the first and rubber band to hold. If you want do a third row and secure with a large rubber band, then cover up the rubber band with a pretty ribbon or two (make sure to fill in with some of the Prizes):

Repeat with the second layer of the "cake", except this time only using two rows of diapers (make sure to include the Prizes):

Repeat for the third layer, using only ONE row of diapers, wrap with a pretty bow or two and add a topper:
Close ups of all the Prizes:I think it turned out pretty good for my first one! I have learned some new techniques while making this cake. All in all it took about 2 hours. The best part was that my mom was able to see it. I have to admit though, I forgot to add the Prizes in at the beginning, so I already had it put together when I realized I needed to stick in the washcloths and bib. The booties were fairly easy to stick in with the ribbons but I would not recommend using one of those freezable teethers...too heavy for the ribbon. And if you couldn't tell by the color scheme CIL is having a Boy!!!

It was really fun to make and therapeutic rolling all of those diapers. I hope that when Thomas and I are given the blessing of a child that I will get one of these at my shower!!


♥ Ashley

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