Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{weekly update} week 12

Wow my baby girl is already twelve weeks old. She is getting bigger for sure and so much more interactive. 

Weight: I put EF on our scale this morning. I know it's not accurate but it said she was 11 pounds. 

Sleep: Baby girl has been sleeping pretty well. Though I think that congestion played with her nighttime sleeping a bit. She is back to her 2am feedings. Hopefully she will start sleeping through again this week. Ellie had a bit of a disruption to her naps this week too since we were out of town with her young cousins (two and four years old). 

Diet: Ellie Faith is still doing well on her Similac Sensiive formula. She is getting 24 ounces a day. Most feedings are 4 ounces still but she is getting one 6 ounce a day. 

Crying: Per usual still. Hungry or tired. We feel very blessed that she is such a good baby!

Social: Like I mentioned above she got some quality family time in our mini vacation with Nanny and Papa and her Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins.

Clothes: Ellie I finally fitting into 0-3 month clothes. She has pretty much outgrown her newborn clothes. However, we have three newborn onesies that were big to begin with that she still wears (one o which is her "mommy loves me")!

Baby Gear Love: Little E loves her car seat, mei tai carrier, lovey blanket, and swing. They were life savers on our trip too. 

Milestones: First road trip. (Unless you count us bringing her home) First overnight vacation. Babbling and eye tracking as well. She is also loving her hands and when you talk to her. Girlfriend also LOVES her daddy!

Mama: I loved going on vacation with this little one. And playing with this little girl is so much fun!! We have lots of fun making noises together!

Sweet sweet Ellie Faith we love you and you are growing so fast!!



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