Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{weekly update} week 14

How can another week be gone already?  This summer has just flown by! It's crazy but this little girl has grown and developed so much. I just love her and am so happy she is in my life!!

Weight: I have decided that I am going to remove this part of her weekly updates and reserve it for the monthly update. It seems redundant and I don't weigh her so we will just wait for the official weigh ins from the doctors office. 

Sleep: Little nugget has been a good girl this week. We were a little busy running around for three days in a row, so her naps were disrupted. But she is now waking once a night (around 4am) and going close to 7 hour stretches!! Ellie has also started to transition into her bassinet for naps (sometimes) and is doing well enough. 

Diet: Same as before. We shoot for about 24 ounces a day and she is still on Similac Sensitive formula. We love her Dr. Brown bottles and are still using the level one nipple. 

Crying: Par for the course. Little Miss E cries when she is hungry, tired, or hurt. Sometimes we just get a random cry in there with no explanation I can come up with so I think she just has a memory or thought of me using the nasal aspirator to suck out her boogers and it makes her sad!

Social: Nugget was pretty social this week going around my school district, her first fair (my fave one up in Monroe- The Evergreen State Fair), shopping in my fave town (Snohomish -full of antique stores!) and attended an engagement party for her Uncle!! And visited her Grandpas (my dad) house for the first time!

Clothes: Ellie is really fitting well into 0-3 month sized clothes, three of our fave newborn onsies are still fitting her. And she is still wearing size 1 diapers so we can still get the Pampers Swaddlers with the blue line alert!

Baby Gear Love: I was introduced to the app Offer Up from my sis in law, so I was able to find an Ergo Baby for 1/2 price!! I am SO in love with it!! She is still really liking the tummy time mirror we got and loving her activity mat!!  And of course her swing is still our go to for a nap when the bassinet won't do it for her!

Milestones: Baby girl found her feet this week!! She is so fascinated with them and loves to watch them move and wiggle! She rolled over again (she has stopped for the past couple weeks) so I think that is back!  Better aim and more deliberate when batting at her hanging toys with her hands. She also is "talking" a lot more and makes a kissing sound and the repeats when we do it!!

Mama: I also had a busy week. I had three interviews!! I didn't mention on here that my contract was not continued back in June, so I have been searching all summer for another job. I finally got some leads and put in my résumé and application at a few places. Ellie came with me and we went all over my school district seeing if there was any possibility for me to return. Got some potential good news from the High School but still searched. I interviewed at an Eye Doctors office, day care and at another private school. Then I got a call saying that they could bring me back at the high school and my prayers had been answered and my faith stronger that God will provide!!  Needless to say my last week of vacation was busy and not the relaxing spend time with Ellie I was hoping for. But I am so excited to be back at the SAME school this year, it's a first for me!!

My dearest little Ellie Faith. I love you!!

- Ashley


  1. Congratulations on your job! I love the week-by-week photos! I think week 10 is my favorite :)

  2. Thank you Sybil!! It really is fun having these weekly photos to look back on.


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