Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{weekly update} week 13

Here we are again another week down. It's just so funny how fast time goes by when you have a little one. I mean it took FOREVER for Ellie to get here and now the weeks are just flying by. 

Weight: Girlfriend is getting bigger so I'm sure she weighs more than last week. 

Sleep: Ellie Faith is really a good night sleeper. She is definitely more aware during the day so she is a little more sensitive during her naps. We know we have to transition her from the swing to the bassinet for her naps but she doesn't sleep as well in there. Live and learn. 

Diet: Little E loves to eat. Most feedings are still four ounces though we get a six ouncer in there every once in a while. Hoping to get her to four 6 ounce feedings a day here pretty soon. 

Crying: Same story as previous weeks. Hungry and tired cries. And then of course if we accidentally scratch her - she no likey. 

Social: Baby girl still likes to meet people and is In Love with her daddy, he gets all the smiles. She is a little shopper and LOVES to look around at things now. 

Clothes: Little girl is still a tiny kiddo. But the 0-3 month size definitely fits better now. 

Milestones: LOVES Daddy. Grabbing things with her hands and kicking with her feet. Found the tv and loves the lights. Coos and gurgles. Makes kissing smack sound. And is turning towards sounds!! Enjoys tummy time for longer periods. 

Baby Gear Love: Really getting A LOT of use outta our Skip Hop activity mat. We got a baby mirror that she loves for tummy time. Our stroller is a hunk but a super smooth ride!  And our Summer Swaddle wraps a still a total hit for sleep time (naps and nighttime sleep). And as mentioned above she loves her swing. 

Mama: As the beginning of the school year is approaching I am anxious about my job and hours. I have been in contact with my school to see what my options are. Really hoping and praying that something works out and that I won't miss out too much on Ellie's milestones and development. 

I am just so in love with this little girl and so thankful that God brought her into our lives. She fills me up with so much love. I love this age that she is and witnessing all of the discoveries that she is making!



  1. Thank you Kasey! I loved that she was just chillin with the tv on!! So cute to get a glimpse of what she will be like in several years!!


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