Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I always imagined myself being a SAHM. Little did I know the challenges and heartache we would endure to become parents. But we have a faithful God and through adoption He made us parents. And through His plan, I get to be a SAHM/Nanny and get to spend my days with Ellie. 

I have seen many posts around the blogosphere about DITL (day in the life). I finally got my act together and put one together!! Keep in mind this is not really a typical day. 

The day is Thursday October 2nd. 

7:15 I woke up with Ellie stirring in our bed next to me. Thomas had already left for work. I brushed my teeth and then got Ellie up, changed her diaper and get her some milk (and coffee for me)

7:25 we snuggled a little then she watched an episode of Arthur on PBS kids eating her breakfast while I read emails. 

8:00 I got Ellie wrapped up in my carrier and we headed out to do our morning farm chores - feeding the goats, horses and chickens. 

8:15 we came back in from our chores and I set Ellie down to play while I washed my hands. Then I made the bed (something I try to do every morning) started a load of laundry (it's never ending amiright!?), I opened all the blinds in the house, started the dishwasher and made up a chore list for myself. I have found I am so much more productive of I write down a plan of action. 

9:00 I finally got ready for the day and got Ellie ready too. Then we played some more and sang a few songs. 

This girl and shoes!!

10:00 I got Ellie and myself bundled up to take a walk since it was nice outside. The neighborhood next to us has a few little playgrounds with slides and those are Ellie's favorite. So I got her in the stroller and we headed out in that direction. I have been really working on "letting go" and allowing Ellie to try new things - I don't want to stunt her abilities - and I let her go down the big slide all by herself. Oh my word was she in heaven. I think she could slide all day if I let her. 

11:00 we got back home from our walk, had some lunch and then played some more. I am really trying to get more of a routine for Ellie's day going and also praying for our meals. It's a work in progress. I have also found that coming up with toddler meals (that don't make much of a mess) that get a majority of the food groups is a challenge. 

Nachos, fishies, cheese puffs and cheddar for the win! (At least we got dairy covered!)

12:00 I put Ellie down for a nap - she gets a sippy of milk and a special song I made up for her and then down she goes. She has actually been going down really well lately and today was no exception. Thanks babe!!  While Ellie was sleeping I started on my chores list (laundry, cleans kitchen, clean master, etc) and then started reading some blogs  and watched a cooking show or two. 

Finished up my fall chalkboard on my pantry. 

3:00 talk about a good nap!!! Ellie woke up so she needs a sippy of milk to keep her heart happy (and belly too)!! Then I got her 2nd lunch ready, aka afternoon snack and we had some more one on one time working on table manners and leaving her plate on her high chair tray. 

3:30 the dogs have been acting crazy for the past hour so I decided it was finally time to feed them and to have Ellie help with her "chore". Basically I fill up the feeding cups and walk Ellie to the dog bowls and have her dump the food into the bowl. Most of the food made it in today!! Win!!  I also opened up the playroom so she could play with some different toys. She wasn't really into it and kept running to the slider and banging on it. Okay girlfriend Mama can take a hint. Thankfully the weather was nice and warm, so we went out to check on our front garden and then out back to play with the goats!

4:10 we came back inside after too much fun and excitement (and dodging Annabelle - that goat!!) got cleaned up. Really I'm surprised I live on a farm with how OCD I am!! and then we read some favorite books and while Ellie was flipping through them I finished up some of the noisier chores that I couldn't do during nap time. 

5:30 got the call that Daddy is on his way home so I pre-heated the oven for our super healthy frozen Tortinos Party Pizzas!! Lol. Just keeping it real and we can always guarantee that Ellie will eat these! Throw on an episode of Daniel Tigerls Neighborhood and just enjoy the cuteness of my baby girl!

6:00 Daddy gets home and I tell her he's coming through the garage and she runs down the hall saying "dadadada" with her arms out! Melt my heart!! Pizza is almost ready so we get the table ready and then have dinner. 

Again this is not a typical day (with the walk to the park or the finishing up of the chores!) but I just had so much fun showing Thomas all the pictures from our day and showing him what we did! It was like he was there with us. I will definitely be doing another post like this in the near future!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Sounds like a great day to me. I have yet to attempt one of these posts, maybe I will someday!

  2. I love her scarf and camo jacket!!! And her cute little lunch definitely covers her dairy! :-)
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  3. she's adorable, congrats on her and having the chance to be with her all day- I would love to do that.

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place


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