Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekending on the Farm

We had a great weekend on the Farm. We got some much needed chores and improvements completed. 

Girlfriend got the hookup from her Nanny and Papa this week with getting her ready for the cold winter months ahead. I feel so much better letting her run around outside on the farm now knowing that she is warm!

On Saturday we got up early and had coffee on the couch together. Then I got ready to head out to a junk show with my MIL but before we could meet up I dropped my car off to get new tires. The junk show had a lot of really cool things but I didn't buy anything - is it just me or are prices inflating?

After the junk show my MIL dropped me off to pick up my car and I drove it home (and it wobbled several times on the trip...not good). 

It's been freezing overnight here and we finally decided that after 4 years we would get a water heater for the chickens so we won't have to go out and de-ice everyday. 

I called around to all the local farm stores and found the best deal. One store was $20 higher than the rest!!! I don't know why we haven't got one of these before, but now it's a huge relief. Speaking of the chickens. When we built their coop a few years ago we fully encased it in hardware cloth to keep out vermin. Well I guess over the years we got a gap in the door and they found their way in a couple weeks ago. We've set traps but no luck, so we finally fixed the hole and haven't seen them. 

We finally put a new draft stopper/weather strip on our front door. Something that's been on our to do list for far too long. Gone are the days of laying a towel against the door to keep the draft out and up went our heating efficiency!! We also installed them on the door into our laundry room and then out to garage so hopefully that will keep us a little warmer this winter!!

Oh and about my car. We took it back in this evening and turns out the tie-rod is shot! We got a great discount on the repair since the guy who "cashed me out" on Saturday failed to inform me of the safety issue. So we are getting that fixed too. 

♥ Ashley


  1. Bundled up babies are so cute!

  2. Love her jacket! So Cute! Oh bummer about your car but glad you're getting it fixed!


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