Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is over! I can't believe how quickly that happened. They do say that time flies when you are having fun, and life with Ellie is nothing short of exciting!!

Ellie had a costume change this year because I just couldn't decide which one I wanted her to wear!!

Last year Ellie was a little witch and since all we needed for that costume again was a basic black shirt, I just had to put her in it!! I got the witch hat here, I'm so glad it still fits, and then I made the skirt last year. She was just te cutest and I love the comparison from last year to this year!!

I mean I just can't!!!

And then for the costume change!!!!

As many of you may know Thomas and I cheered together in college (no that is not how we met - it took a lot of convincing on my part to get him to join) and we kept our uniforms. Then a friend of ours gave us a mini uniform for Ellie and I just couldn't pass up on the opportunity for a family costume!!

Go Wildcats!!! (#tripleting)

I think the poms were her favorite part, but seriously she loved this costume and ran all around the house in it!!

twinning with my babe!

teaching her how to "Fly" at an early age!! Hands down one of my favorite photos of the two of them!!

I do have to say that we are a little boring when it comes to Halloween. We didn't go anywhere - just stayed home to pass out candy to the whopping 3 (three) trick or treaters we got. Next year we are going to leave a bowl of candy out on the porch and take Ellie out.  

And then here are our pumpkins this year! Love them!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Oh my gosh the witch comparison photo is the best!! Loving the little cheerleader costume also though :) glad you guys had a good Halloween!

  2. OH my this is too cute!! Love the costumes!

  3. You guys are seriously adorable! Love her costumes!

  4. Ya'll are adorable!!!! Love the family costumes!!! And the costume change!!! We didn't go trick or treating this year either. We went out to eat and left a bucket out for potential treaters. Last year we only had two trick or treaters! Such a bummer, right?

  5. That is super cute with you three as cheerleaders, beyond cute really. So fun!! And also fun that you could put her in last year's too. Tutus are so fun.


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