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{Toddler Tuesday} 12 to 15 Month Faves

Life on the Parsons Farm

12 to 15 Month Faves

I just love sharing what some of our favorites were for the different stages in Ellie's life. I also really enjoy reading others favorites so it can help guide me in some gift ideas. 

I finally put together Ellie's 12-15 month faves. Most of the items really have to do with sleep since that was a big part of our focus during this life stage with "sleep training". 

Ellie got this wagon for her birthday and we got so much use out of it during the summer. She rode in it almost everyday for farm chores. She also loved to try and pull it around the yard - so cute. 

Blankets are a huge hit for sleep time whether it's for naps or bed time sleep. Ellie usually gets two blankets, a thin swaddle type blanket and then a warmer knit blanket. She loves to snuggle with them as well as throw them over the side of her crib. 

Jelly Cats are the cutest stuffed animals. Ellie got the bunny for Christmas and I am so happy that she has taken a liking to it. I had/have a bunny from when I was little (confession I still sleep with it) and I love that we can share that!

The only pacifiers she will take. Her favorite one is the orange that we got from the hospital but she's chewed it a little too much so she only gets it on special occasions. Thankfully she has accepted the pink and purple ones. Used only for sleep time. 

We transitioned Lu into a convertible car seat and I love how easy this was is to instal into each of our cars. It's also super comfy for her and she enjoys being a little bit more upright. Not to mention how much I love grey and this fit the bill!

These sippy cups are awesome. They have a great valve to help prevent leaking (except when your babe chews on them. You can buy just the spouts but I find the whole thing so much cheaper at TJ 
 or Marshalls. 

Books. Lu loves books. Dear Zoo is so much fun because it has flaps in it and she has so much fun participating in reading. Most of her books are at her level for easy access and she will disappear into her room for at least 10 minutes to "read" all by herself. 

Moccs are hands down my favorite shoe for her. They come in all sorts of colors which are a great accessory, they're super easy to take on and off (but stay put) and protect her feet when we are out and about. They also mimic bare feet which is the ideal way for new walkers to learn - they really learn to balance so much better with bare feet. 

What are some of your favorites for this age?

♥ Ashley


  1. Dear Zoo was a favourite for both my girls (and currently still my 2-year-old). And the Jelly Cat stuffies - we have a collection - I believe that's the pink bunny? That's my 5-year-olds favourite from birth and hers is no longer pink. My youngest has a brown, slightly bigger bunny. Love them!

    Nice round up - I like this idea. Best - Louise

    1. Yes Ellie lives to flip the flaps on that book!! The Jellycats are so soft, we actually have a grey one.

  2. I love your lists - my daughter and your daughter seem to be into a lot of the same things! My daughter has several Jellycat dolls - they are seriously the best. I got her a Jellycat bunny from Peekawhoo with her name embroidered on the ear and its just adorable.

    Are the moccs you found the ones from Freshly Picked? Or did you find them elsewhere? I'm dying to get my daughter a pair (or several) but I can't justify paying $60 for them. I've been trying to find knockoffs but haven't had much luck!

    1. The Jellycats are so soft! How fun to get one personalized. We have a bunch of FP Moccs and I love them - I received them for review. I have tried out a few others that are comparable. Check out The Coral Pear


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