Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five - Toddler Christmas Wishlist

Ellie's Christmas List 2014

Ellie's Christmas List 2014 by lifeonthefarm 

I am so excited that the holiday's are fast approaching and that I have a couple of Nanny jobs so that we can be sure to make this Christmas special for Ellie.

I love it when other bloggers post their wishlists for their babes - so I can get ideas for Ellie as well, since she is still too young (18 months) to really communicate what she wants.  However, she is becoming much more active and creative so I let that be the "theme" for this year.

Ellie loves to sit and play at the kids table at church.  I think that having one would be a great addition to our home.  They are the right size for her and we could accomplish a lot of activities at it as well (not to mention it would be great for when cousins and friends come over!)  I am LOVING this one but its a bit out of our price range so I am on the lookout for something similar and how great are these chairs?

To go along with the craftiness that Lu has been showing I think that an Easel should definitely be on the list.  I am loving this one for a number of reasons: it's white, has a chalkboard, whiteboard/magnetic board, paper roll, and cubbies for all the supplies.  In addition to the easel, I think some craft items are in store like chalk, toddler crayons, play doh, a chalkboard eraser, and some magnets.

Books are always a good choice for littles and Ellie for sure loves her books.  Often times she will disappear into her room for at least 10-15 minutes to just flip through her books.  She has her favorites but I am sure she will appreciate some new ones in there.  I have heard great things about Flora and the BabyLit books, plus I loved Madeline growing up and don't have the whole series.

I don't think it would be a Christmas list for a babe if clothes weren't part of the list!! I am hoping to get some 2T sized clothes for E that will help transition from Winter to Spring.  Basics are always good; jeans, some tops, a sweatshirt or two and then how can you pass up these cute boots? Totally out of our price range though!

Ellie has also been showing a huge interest in instruments or at least toys that make music so she can dance.  Any or all of these would be a big hit, especially the maracas since she loves to "shake, shake, shake"!

What sort of items are on your Little's Christmas list?

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  1. Have you checked out IKEA for the table and chairs? They are super affordable and come in plain pine. There are TONS of fun ideas on Pinterest on how to make them over.

  2. Foster is OBSESSED with play dough, such a great gift! I wanted to let you know I changed my blog name and it messed up my followers so instead of The Crafty Practitioner my blog is now Just Add {red} Wine and the URL is:


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