Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our Weekend

This was the first weekend we have been home since the end of September and it felt so good.  Being gone that many weekends in a row really takes its toll on you and things get left to the wayside...

So lets see what we were up to this past weekend.

Friday morning started with this little girl coming into the bathroom and requesting to "I want to brush teeth", okay girlfriend let's get right on that.

Ellie's Jams

Then it was off to work and we had a busy morning playing tea party, coloring pumpkins (on paper) and then off to the Library for story time - a quick stop at the playground and then back for lunch.  Babes didn't go down until nearly 1:45 so her nap got cut short with a wake up at 4:00.

First we had to do some modeling with her new sweater and she was all over saying "gootchy gootchy goo" to the baby in my arms that it was hard to get a photo of her standing still.

I shared my StitchFix outfit that is basically going to be on repeat (just add a new scarf) for the rest of Fall and Winter. Haven't tried Stitch Fix before? Use my referral code HERE to sign up and schedule your first fix!!

Then after work, Ellie and I had to stop at the feed store to pick up a load of hay and on our way home we got stuck behind a crazy driver (I think that something was wrong with the car?) that was swerving into all the lanes, not accelerating, and just being a total hazard.  It took him about 8 miles to finally move over from the fast lane to the slow lane and it's not because there was a lot of traffic.  Then the guy at the feed store was having some serious issues loading my hay and it was just "stressful" for me.  

We finally made it home and Ellie needed to have an outfit change into her Fairy Costume since we were going to our church's Halloween party - or harvest carnival I guess is what they called it.  Ellie and I met up with Nanny and Papa at the church and we had a blast watching Ellie experience it all and run around in her little outfit! *note to self - have her wear skirts/dresses/tutus more often*

She insisted on bringing her ducky with her and I've learned to just say "yes".  They had all sorts of activities for the kiddos but she loved the fishing the best, they also had pumpkin bowling, cornhole and a cake walk.  Then she wanted to go into the bounce house so she had to take off her wings and tutu to be able to enjoy jumping around.  I was talking with another mom and she asked why the tutu had to come off, and the truth is I didn't want her to jump on it and get her foot stuck and rip it - it had nothing to do with her safety and all to do with preserving the tutu!  Then we got into a long conversation about it (because she does that too) and we are learning that we need to let it go a little bit so that our girls can just enjoy their life and play.  It's hard for me because I want Ellie to have fun and play but I am a clean freak and don't like it when things get dirty (hello I never even allowed myself to brush my American Girl's hair when I was in elementary school because I wanted them to look perfect "like in the catalog"!!) It's a process but I'm getting there.

We woke up Saturday morning and the babes is finally into wearing her headphones (and everyone sang hallelujah) so she could watch her "Docitstukins" while I caught up on the news and I didn't have to hear the songs!  I mean seriously how cute is she? Thomas had to leave to go to a tennis tournament and after her show, Ellie and I headed out to the farm to feed all the animals.  Since we were both out there and the weather was decent I did some farm chores (i.e. scoop poop) while Ellie harassed the goats and then decided to help me shovel poop...which quickly turned into her falling into the pile of s***! Into the house we went but not before I stripped her, hand sanitized her and then washed her hands in the sink with soap...

Then we got ready for the day: Shopping with Nanny in our favorite place Snohomish!!!  Girlfriend was a rockstar!! she fell asleep in the car about 10 minutes before we arrived in town so we sat in the car for another 10 minutes or so to give her a little bit of a nap and then off we were for our marathon day of's how we roll.  All of the shops are so cute and have lots of fall things (even some gasp Christmas stuff!).

I was cracking up over this eyeball headband.  Ellie was not impressed.

Then into this super cute clothing store and Nanny and I just about died when we spotted this little number.  So we had to pull Ellie out of the stroller to have her try it on, of course she was more into the stuffed animal than the clothes...toddlers I tell you!  After this store we were starving so we made our way to a restaurant and Ellie actually ate her meal...well just the hotdog but she ate the whole thing and I am a proud mama!

This space just spoke to me and I had to capture it.  Y'all know I am all about deer lately so that print is probably the reason this corner caught my eye.

And this tree has me swooning all over it and dreaming of Christmas this year.  I love our tree and fall in love with it every year but whenever I see these monochromatic ones I always think about just starting over - or getting a second tree!! haha

We had a great shopping day and picked up some super cute items. It was a long day but I still felt I accomplished enough things that the shopping day was deserved.

On Sunday, Thomas and I had our big clean out day.  Since we are in the Waiting Pool now we really need to make sure that #2's room is ready to go.  Originally I thought that Ellie and her sib would just share a room but now we want them to have separate rooms.  The room that #2 will be living in has been our storage room/office/playroom/junk room.  I hate opening that door because I just get SO overwhelmed.  I have gone in there more times that I care to admit to attempt to clean or organize it but it ends up just looking worse (like it could be on an episode of hoarders....).  We feel the pressure now and so we made some major headway on it.  It is just so crazy how much crap you accumulate over the years and I feel so much lighter now that we have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff.  It's not anywhere ready to set the crib up yet but it's getting better. 

This is what the room looked like by the end of the day.
I know it still looks a mess but we got rid of so many old papers, my old teaching stuff, lots of books and dvds, and just flat out crap!  Now all of my craft stuff is sorted into boxes, we've got a couple boxes of all our newborn stuff and then our important paperwork now has a place.  We're planning on tackling this room again next weekend and hopefully get the boxes we don't need constant access to put up in the attic, to dismantle the dollhouse (shelving unit) and find a home for the books we decided to keep.  I think once we get that stuff done the room will be pretty much empty and we can put the crib and changing table in.  We still need to organize the closet and I'm thinking that it will be divided in half: half for the baby and the other half for all my craft stuff and sewing supplies.  We shall see how that will all work out logistically.

Also on Sunday my Dad came up to drop his dog off since he's going to be out of town and I made the best soup for lunch. It's called Cream of Carrot soup and you can find the recipe here.  This time I paired it with some croutons I made out of some bread from Friday's dinner.  It was delish and I'm thinking that croutons need to be a staple in this soup!

I mentioned that Nanny and I picked up a few things while shopping in Snohomish on Saturday and I wanted to share!
I am all over this sweet lace and bow zip up for Ellie and I'm trying to figure out how to fit into it myself!

the back side even has a ruffle!

and the matching skirt!

This top is just too much and I love how it goes with the other items.  

and these pants have the sweetest lace detail on the ankles with some gold too

I picked up these antler sticks for our tree this year and I know they are going to be the best addition!

And I was drooling over all the blanket scarfs last year that I have been thinking about them all year.  When I saw this baby I couldn't keep walking.  I actually put it on and wore it all around the store while I was know to test it out and make sure I really liked it.  I love the colors and that it can be a dual holiday scarf for both fall/Thanksgiving and winter/Christmas.  It was totally affordable too, so you know it was coming home with me.  It is made of the softest fabric almost like a cashmere and I actually used it as a blanket already on Saturday night!!

Then walking though another store I spotted this one and loved the colors.  I actually left the store and went into a few more but I was haunted by the memory of it, so just before we left I ran into the store a grabbed it.  I know I will get a lot of use out of both of these scarves!

How was your weekend? Find anything good? Make anything yummy?

♥ Ashley

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! It's always so refreshing to be home after traveling so much! I love Ellie's Boo jammies! Are they the ones from Old Navy?

  2. Such a pretty tree! I always think I should do a fun tree and then it gets closer to Christmas and I think nah too much effort! So pretty in stores though. I guess we will just visit the pretty trees.
    I love the clothes you got. And nice to make some headway with the room!

  3. What little doll girl you have, I love that tea party picture, makes me miss mine being little, she came home from college this weekend, already gone :/ I hear ya about being gone every weekend, I need a weekend at home to catch up! Loved the post!

  4. Oh my goodness, Ellie is just adorable in that costume! Love!!

  5. Dang girl! What a weekend!! All so good.

    I'm so happy you've finally fallen in love with Stitch Fix!

  6. wow what a weekend full of awesome things! I think I need s weekend just from reading all that! Ellie costume is so cute! Looks like such a fun event for kiddos!!!

  7. OMG She is just the sweetest! From the costume to the tea party and those Boo pjs! Loving it! What fun you have been having!


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