Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday - All about Ellie

Ellie is hands down the best little babe.  I know you might think that I am biased and maybe I am but since I work with other toddlers alongside her I can say that she makes me so incredibly happy!!

Let's talk about some of Ellie's attributes (both good and bad)

She loves her milk or "muss" as she likes to call it. 

When I say "I love Ellie" she almost always responds with "I lub Dada too!"

She is all about pumpkins right now and has to stop and touch each one on our stoop before she can come in the house, and exclaims "my pumpkins!!" every time.  Some days she even counts them...not correctly.

She is still obsessed with her paci, though she doesn't need it as there have been many occasions where I have left it at home and she naps just fine on those days.  I am convinced that she just wants it because she knows I don't want her to have it.  But in the reality of all things - I am not that worried about her paci affliction right now.

Ellie has started singing!! Oh my word its the sweetest thing.  I wanted to post about it the first day, but then life happened and I haven't figured it out enough to get it down here...this could be the reason I have been distracted.... Her variety of songs has increased and I love every one of them.  So far she is singing: ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Ring Around the Rosie, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She is in love with all the babies and claims them as her own.  I nanny for a 7 month old and she is constantly calling him "my baby" and I have to remind her of his name and that he is in fact not hers...she is starting to get it but would still prefer him to be hers. Her favorite thing to do is tickle his tummy and say "Gootchy Goo" in the highest pitch voice.

She will start crying about something and I ask her why she is crying, she will tell me "Because Mama said NO!" even when that is not true.

Insists on getting kisses on all her boo-boos.  And will exclaim "I bonked my head" when that happens.

When I say "Ellie guess what", she replies "what!" with the most serious face.

When she doesn't see someone she loves, she will slowly shake her head and ask "Where Dada Go?" "Where Cooper Go?" "Where Papa Go?" "Where Nanny Go?".  If they are in the room I will tell her to look for them and then she gets all excited when she sees them.  Otherwise I will tell her "They are at work" and she says "Oh, I want to go work" or where ever it is I tell her they are.

If I pick out something for her to wear that she doesn't like right now, major tears and she yells "No, no, no, no NO!" I put it on her anyways and she stops crying in about 10 seconds.

When she cries over nothing (or something that crying over is not necessary) I will tell her to stop crying  because that is not something we cry over...then she responds "Mama, I stopped crying" and then tries to stop!

Ellie is the happiest little girl most of the time is loves to smile.  I cannot adequately express my love for her, but I am so thankful that I get to spend every day with her!

What are some things your toddler is up to?  What do you love about this age?

♥ Ashley

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  1. Such cute pictures of your little Ellie!! Odette cries when mama says no too lol! Although in our case it is because I'm actually saying no.

  2. I remember Abigail doing that exact same thing with pumpkins! So sweet. Every place we went we had to stop and look and touch them. Precious.

  3. Aw, adorable! We recently phased out Ryder's paci, mainly because he was starting to get a really icky rash around his mouth (may or may not have been related). We found that once he couldn't see it anymore he was totally fine without it and we were basically able to go cold turkey. Yay, because I sure don't miss those middle of the night crib pacifier hunts!

  4. She is just so stinking cute. I remember me telling Emily I loved her and she would always reply, I love daddy. Goofy girls :).


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