Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Decorate Wednesday - Flirty Girl Toddler Room Inspiration

If you've been around here a while then you know I'm always switching things up around our farm, inside the house mostly. Paint has been the ultimate go to when switching stuff up and I think I'm finally starting to nail down my preferences!! 

When I first started to decorate Ellie's nursery I had to make it gender neutral since we didn't know what gender we were going to be matched up with. Then when we got a week away from her due date and I could finally feel some peace that this match would go through, I added a few touches of pink.  Now that Ellie is a little older and switched into a big girl bed, it's time to start making her room look and act more toddler friendly than nursery.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here is what her nursery used to look like.  I have been pinning away on my Pinterest Board for a while (follow me here) and shared some other inspirations for her room.  My mind has been going so many different ways for how to style this little space of hers and I think I have finally come to some sort of decision.  Since bringing Ellie home I have been all about the florals...its actually a bit ridiculous but I don't care!  Combine the florals with my obsession for grey and there you have it folks!!

So here we go:

Girl Toddler Room Inspiration

Girl Toddler Room Inspiration by lifeonthefarm 

I have already painted her room and decided to go with a muddy grey called Repose Grey by SW and I absolutely love it.

Ellie had the Jenny Lind crib and I was so drawn to the vintage feel of it that I knew I wanted to continue in that direction for her bed.  We already had a spare full sized mattress and box spring so I searched Craigslist almost daily for a more affordable option of the Jenny Lind bed and scored big time! I am still pinching myself at the deal I got.  And that is pretty much where her room has been for the past couple of months.

I have been searching Hi and Low for some floral printed curtains and it's been such a challenge to find what I have envisioned in my head, but I have to say that I love everything about this curtain! the floral, the colors, the polka dots, everything!  I know that it is a shower curtain so I have to do some measuring and figure out how to make it work because I think I am in love.  Not to mention they are a great jumping off point for the rest of the room.

Originally I thought I wanted to just have white sheets for her bed but then I kept seeing these around the blogosphere and have to go with something similar.  There is just something that I am really loving about the juxtaposition of black and white with floral and my love for polka dots runs deep.  I think they are giving this throwback vintage look just the right touch of modern.  I am still figuring out the duvet/comforter situation since the blanket I picked up for her at a vintage market might not be big enough... Then just adding on some throw pillows, Ellie is obsessed with sheep so I am sure this one would be a hit, and a nice fluffy rug to finish it off.

Since we are in the midst of our adoption process, I know that the changing table is going to move into the new nursery (of which I am at a total loss as to how I want to decorate it....) and Ellie needs to be out of diapers like yesterday so she won't be needing it anymore.  I think a vanity would be the perfect replacement, not only does it have a mirror for her to check herself out in (which she loves) but it also has some drawers to keep trinkets and hair stuff in.  Thankfully we already have one, I grabbed it from my childhood home when we had an estate sale after my mom passed away.  I know that it might me a little mature for a 2 year old but she will grow into it and I think she might enjoy getting to watch me do her hair!

The last thing is to figure out artwork.  After a lot of thought I feel that her walls were super cluttered with all the books, pictures, photos, and whatever else I nailed up there - so I am going for a more simple and less cluttered look this time around.  Just a few pieces of art, a sculpture and a family photo or two should do the trick!

So that is what I have for her inspiration!  I will share more as it comes to life and will be asking y'all for advice on a few things as well.

What do you envision your toddler's room to look like?

♥ Ashley


  1. Isn't decorating a little girl's room so much fun? We just did Mila's big girl room and I seriously want to move in myself! I'm so jealous you got a great deal on Ellie's bed! I adore the Jenny Lind style, but refused to pay a ton of money for one - and I couldn't find any inexpensive versions. I love your room inspiration as well. If you're looking for art, check out Trafalgar's Square on Etsy. They have some of the absolute sweetest prints. I shared some of the ones I got for Mila on her big girl room reveal if you want to check them out.

  2. I searched and searched for a Jenny Lind bed on craigslist, but had no such luck!! They are so popular and when we sold Odette's Jenny Lind crib on craigslist the woman who bought it was ecstatic!! Kudos to you for finding that bed for Ellie :) It looks so cute in her room!

  3. So sweet. Love your idea. I would LOVE to eventually put a vanity in at least one of the girls rooms.... when we ditch some of the bigger toys. I had one when I was around 9 and thought it was awesome. Love it all.

  4. Rae's still just on he mattress because I keep looking for a Jenny lind style frame, so go you!!! I LOVE all if it and I'm sure pinterest will have some shower to curtain tutorials somewhere!

  5. Oooo... I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!

  6. I absolutely love her vintage bed! Super cute. I've been thinking a little about what Ryder's toddler room will be like, and honestly it just overwhelms me! I'm definitely sure that I want to do bunk beds, though. I had them growing up and I think they're just so much fun!

  7. Her room likes cute just how it is! I love that shower curtain though, I think you could totally make it work in a bedroom!


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