Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Confessions

I always love reading these posts so I thought I would do one!

~ I wasn't going to go here...but I am.  I guess there is some big thing going around social media regarding the Starbucks Red Cups.  I have to admit that when I got my first red cup last week I didn't notice anything different about them - but apparently there is and I guess it's supposed to "mean" something.  I have been a self proclaimed "I don't care about the holiday cups at Starbucks" and honestly I don't...they don't signify anything for me and with the uprisal just makes me think it's ridiculous, the cups are red - get over it!

~ we got matching pajamas for Christmas and we may have already started wearing them...

~ we both had the day off yesterday and took advantage of it being super early in the 'season" and got Ellie's Santa pictures taken, we were first in line and I am so happy to cross that off our list.  

~ continuing with the Christmas theme we have purchased tickets to ride the Santa Train and the Nutcracker Ballet, I sent out my evites for my annual Ladies Christmas Tea, and we have been drinking Eggnog like its going out of style for over two weeks.

~ Ellie has started to say "Oh My Gosh" and I think it's twelve kinds of adorable (I know many may disagree but I don't care!)

~ I watched this video and I couldn't help but laugh

~ I get really irritated when semi-trucks drive in the fast lane (because they are usually going at least 5 under) but they also scare the hell out of me when driving that if I can I make sure that there is a lane between me and them when passing...then I realized the struggle I have with driving my car that it would be a nightmare if I ever tried to drive one of those!

~ I hate it when the diaper change stations are inside a bathroom stall...even more so when they open up over the toilet - an accident just waiting to happen. Or when there is no change table at all (I'm talking to you HomeGoods)

~ The struggle is real for us shorties, having to climb up on the counter to get a coffee to go mug on the top shelf is annoying, but not being able to reach the yogurt you want at the grocery store is embarrassing.

~ Our family pictures got rained out last weekend so now we need to find a new photographer and set up another time for them.  Hopefully that can happen sooner than later.

~ I love to laugh but not everyone gets my humor.

~ When my nose itches or is runny it takes every ounce of everything I have to not lose my cool, it's the most obnoxious thing and usually makes me want to rip all of my hair out because I am sure that is whats tickling it.

~ I used to have to read everything.  All of the blog posts on my feed (every word) and every page of the magazines I get.  It became such a time suck and didn't put all the value in my life, so now if there is an article in Martha Stewart that I am just not interested in...I skip it and I don't feel guilty.

~ When I first wake up in the morning I have to brush my teeth.  Morning mouth is the worst.

what do you confess?

♥ Ashley


  1. Love these posts. short people unite! my hubby bought me a step stool because he was worried about my gymnastic moves to reach the top top kitchen cabinets. I think grocery stores should have step stools.

  2. Semis terrify me as well. My dad and I got hit by one(we were fine) when he just up and changed lanes right into us. So scary!!

  3. haha, these were cute. I wish I was closer to take yalls picture! Hooray for already crossing off a picture with Santa. Luckily he'll be at a Christmas party were attending so no lines for us either.

  4. Oh my goodness I am SO jealous about your Christmas progress. I REALLY need to get working on some plans pronto.

    Why do they put the diaper stations in the bathroom stall?! So dumb. Maybe they are thinking privacy?

  5. OMG... I could not give one flying f*ck about the stupid Starbucks cups, and I feel bad for anyone who has nothing better to worry about in their life. It's literally one of the more ridiculous first world problems I've ever heard of. I'm glad you think so, too! Have fun getting into the holiday spirit... we have matching family Christmas jammies, too! :-)

  6. I can't even believe that Santa is ready for pictures yet. Is the Easter bunny going to be in the mall in January? ;)


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