Wednesday, November 25, 2015

{Wishlist Wednesday} - For Her

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe how quickly the holiday's snuck up on us and that Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! We have a lot to be thankful for this year and I am so grateful with how God has blessed us this year. 

With Thanksgiving nearly hours away that means that Black Friday is that much closer.  Now normally I don't do a whole lot for Black Friday (my life was tainted for this shopping day back when I used to work in retail) But I have learned over the years that it can be nice to take advantage of all the sales.  I don't have any plans to get out of the house at the butt-crack-of-dawn tomorrow but I will be shopping online - preferable through Ebates!! Have you heard of it before? You just sign up (use my referral code here) it's totally FREE!! and most of your favorite retailers are already on there.  You just find the store you're looking for and click the "Shop Now" button and you are on your way to earning cash back on your purchases - Ebates, where it really pays to shop online!

And if you are looking for some shopping inspiration here are some things I'm hoping to find under the tree.  As you get older the "toys" you want change.  Now my life revolves around making our house our home and updating our kitchen stuff.  I used to think my mom was always so boring wanting new dish towels every year but now I get it!!

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist by lifeonthefarm 

Drying Mat's are where its at!!  My dad used to call the counter beside the sink the "draining board" because he would put down a kitchen towel and place all the handwashed dishes on it. But with the drying mats the counter is cushioned and they soak up the water better.  I've had one for a few years but it has lots of stains on it (from my dutch oven) and it is time for a new one.

Dryer Balls are the best invention and I don't know why I didn't get them sooner.  There are a few different kinds but you use them instead of dryer sheets.  They help reduce static while also fluffing your clothes to help them dry faster.  I had four of these but we forgot to take them out when we replaced our dryer last I am in need of some new ones, because our comforters and bedding really did dry so much faster!

We live on a farm (obvi) and that means that we have farm duties.  Over the years I have invested in some cheap rubber boots to wear during fowl weather to run out in the muck to feed and water our animals, but they always get cracked and start leaking.  Over the summer I got super lazy and just wore a pair of flip flops - well that isn't cutting it anymore with all the rain we've been having lately and it's getting pretty cold in the mornings.  Thomas has a pair of these boots and I want them too.  They slip on and have traction, two things that are a must while doing the chores quickly and in a rush in the mornings before work!

When we had our garage sale earlier this Fall I sold our wire fruit basket because I have had my eye on this bowl at Target for the longest time.  I envision all the lemons and oranges in it with an apple or two as well.  It will bring in the touch of nature I feel like our kitchen is lacking and I won't have to worry about the mess on the counter anymore!  I am so smitten with it that if I don't find it under the tree come Christmas, I am going to go out and buy it!

This Marble Pastry Slab has been on my mind for years, I love to make pies (with homemade pastry just like my mom taught me) and I know that rolling the dough out on a cold surface will make my life that much easier.  Plus the marble is so beautiful and I know that new countertops are not in our near future so we are sticking with the 1989 laminate for a while longer.  I think having this slab will help me hold out!!

My love for the Pioneer Woman has grown this past year, with watching her show on the Food Network, getting her cookbooks, and now her new line of goods at Walmart.  Our knives are so old (like 7 years old) and I think its time to get some new ones, we're not ready to invest in my dream knives so this set will do just perfectly.  Because brand new sharp knives can do wonders for your slicing and dicing skillz (yes I put a Z on it!)

And then I just fell in love with these measuring spoons, they're rectangular in shape so they can fit into spice still my heart.

what's on your list this year?  Remember to shop online through Ebates to get cashback on all your holiday gifts!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Great list! LOVE wool dryer balls! They are amazing! I always put some drops of lavender essential oil on ours and everything comes out smelling amazing as well!


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