Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Five - A Stitch Fix Review #5

How is it Friday already?  And I just realized it's the're welcome.  I have a good one for you today full of all sorts of fashion goodness...and not so much.

Well I got my fifth fix in the mail the other came right around naptime so you know that's a good thing!  I was really looking forward to this fix since my last one was a total hit out of the park.  I wasn't disappointed with this one it just didn't quite capture my style as well.  

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix before its a fashion subscription where you can schedule your fixes for as often as you want.  What you do is sign up (use this referral link) and fill our your style profile, write a note to your stylist and schedule your fix.  You will then be matched up with a stylist who will send you a fun little box of five items.  You do pay a $20 styling fee for each fix but they take that off if you choose to keep any items and if you keep all five you get a 25% discount on the whole thing!  What makes this so great is that you get to try on the clothes in the comfort of your own home and try it out with other items in your closet and see if you have anything similar already.  I really like it because I just don't feel like I really have the time to go shopping any more and lets be honest - I really don't like dressing rooms, you have to take your shoes off and I don't even want to know what kind of ickiness is on the floor... So getting items that are hand picked for me and sent to my door? Sign me up! Oh wait I already did, haha

For my 5th Fix, I decided to only ask for tops (since I finally got a pair of jeans that worked!) and all of their accessories have been misses, I don't want to waste an item on one. I was hoping to get some more fall to winter transitional pieces and some fun holiday festive looks.  So here we go!

The package at my door...ok I actually brought it inside since it was raining and put it on our awful 1989're welcome.

I always do the same thing with each of my fixes.  After opening I pull out the styling card and read my note from my stylist (I actually got the same one as last time!!) and then glanced at what was in my box.  I don't know why I always do this because I usually am not impressed with any of the items when shown on the card...and the same went with this one.  I wasn't a fan of the color of the red shirt, I have way too many cardi's, never imagined myself in a poncho (too many memories of the one from Mexico from 1993),  was unsure about another lace overlay but loved the green color, and then thought the dress was pretty daring - though it was floral so it got a bonus point.  

But like they say..."Don't judge a book by it's cover"..."Don't judge a fix by it's style card"

And then I thought I would throw this photo in...all the items folded up on the tissue (apparently it's an artsy type of photo...) I prefer the old layout I did.

Papermoon Lamont Lace Detail Blouse in Burgundy

I had a photographer this time (thanks Thomas!) and we switched to taking photo's in Ellie's room because she gets better lighting. I have to say that I just was not a fan of this top from the beginning. The cut is weird and I couldn't lift up my arms.  I am not sure if it was the weight of the tags or the lace detail itself but it made the back of the collar really heavy and the neckline kept creeping up.  While I like my tops to be fairly loose fitting this one felt like a tent...and the sleeves were not good at all.  They did have elastic around the wrist so they stayed up at my elbows but that still didn't make it better.

The length of the shirt was decent but when I raised my arms up it was just not good.  I wasn't a fan of the pattern or color of fabric. Also worth was a challenge to get off.

 Verdict: RETURNED

Skies are Blue Burton Lace Overlay Top in Dark Green

No.  I don't even know if I can talk about this one.  It does have two things going for it in's green and it has lace.  That is where it ends.  The fit is all wrong, hits at the worst part of my hips, the neckline is weird, and the sleeves are something that Anne would be all over ... back in 1908, not me.  And the elastic on the wrists was super tight it was uncomfortable when pushed up to my elbows.


Market & Spruce Denver Cable Knit Elbow Patch Cardigan in Brown

Another Market & Spruce item made it's way into my box, furthering my belief that they have a collaboration with SF.  I loved the detailing of the cable knit (I am actually really drawn to it) and I love the elbow patches and the fun leather buttons.  The yard was smooth and soft and a very comfortable sweater ... not too tight on the arms.  It was a good length and over all a pretty good fit.   (also I decided to change up my hair and put some makeup on because I was a little embarrassed of my appearance)

I love that the cable knit continued on the backside and y'all know I have a love affair with pockets.  The only problem is that I have a nearly identical cardigan in grey (see in item #4) that I got for a steal about 4 years ago at Zara.  I couldn't justify getting a second one, not to mention I have at least 15 cardi's already.

Verdict: RETURNED but major props to Erika for picking out an item I already own - she knows my style!

Skies are Blue Shenay Dress in Navy

I was unsure about a dress but then it was in my favorite floral and navy there's that. Oh and its called the "Shenay dress" which may or may not have been my alter ego name back in the day...(too much?)  I am so glad that this dress got sent to me because I love how they look on the models but would never actually try it on.  It's the perfect bit of modesty and if I was still teaching would be a perfect teacher dress.  The floral pattern is just right (although I would have been totally ok if it was a bit more busy...give me all the floral!)  The sleeves were great, the neckline awesome and the waist hit me in the best possible spot.  The length was attractive and I love the slight pleating of the skirt (brings me back to my old high school cheerleading days)

It would work perfectly with a the one they sent me...
...Or like the one I already own.  They are so similar aren't they I almost tricked your eyes into thinking it was the same cardi ;)
Oh and lets pretend I can do a fashion pose!
The only problem I have with this dress is that I already have a navy and floral dress, it's a little more risque but has a very similar look and fit.  But once again, major props Erika for knowing my style so well!

Verdict: RETURNED only because I already owned a dress similar.

Colourworks Gerda Lace Detail Pullover Poncho in Light Grey

I honestly thought I was going to hate this one.  I really don't need any more grey in my wardrobe but I'm a sucker for it and always have been.  But I couldn't have been any more wrong, when I put this baby on it was love.  It was so comfortable and roomy.  I actually liked that it didn't have long sleeves and the cowl neckline was just right.  I have a thing for lace and this has just the right touch.  I definitely need to wear something under it because it is a poncho and might be a little too revealing on the side slits.
It's just loose and flowy and I love the length.  Even though it has been completely confirmed that I will never be pregnant (except for IVF) or breastfeed this top would be perfect for both.  It is so forgiving and would be the perfect nursing cover.
I just couldn't get enough of it and had Thomas continue to take lots of photos...
and then to try it on with a long sleeve from my closet and I still love it.  I actually wore it around for most of the day and almost to my MOPs meeting that night...but I refrained, somehow.

Verdict: You guessed it KEPT

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Do it!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. The first top is terrible. I like the look of the green one, but if it doesn't fit well it doesn't fit well. I love the navy and floral dress, too bad you had something already. The poncho looks so comfy. I wish it was cool enough for such things!

  2. I actually think everything looked adorable on you, but I get the reasons why you returned most of it. Honestly I think their stuff is so pricey that I really have to LOVE something if I'm going to keep it. I think I only kept two things from my last fix. That's a good idea to ask only for tops though, because I rarely like the pants that they send. Happy Friday!

  3. I love items 3-5 and I'm so glad you kept the poncho! I totally get why you wouldn't keep the others since you have them. ;-)

  4. I've never heard of Stitch Fix!! They seem to have adorable clothes!! I love the floral dress!

    Have a great weekend! =)

    Ooo!! A piano would look perfect there!!! I have to check out Ebates! I feel like I'm seriously missing out on a great opportunity there! =)

    Have a great weekend!

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

  5. I haven't tried Stitch Fix myself! I like shopping too much haha!

  6. I love seeing people and their Stitch Fix picks, I'm just too cheap to try it myself. I know I would love it all and convince myself to keep everything. I stick to Thredup. It's more my speed.

  7. I got the same poncho! It looks SO cute on you but it just wasn't my style (I would've looked super awkward in it).

  8. Love the poncho!! My fix this week was pretty much a bust as well! The sizing was all off. I kept a necklace that Parker will probably yank on all the time :)

  9. love the poncho, but the dress and first shirt did look great on you despite the fit.

  10. This is what I love about SF! You just never know what you'll fall in love with! And I always consider a 1/5 a win of a fix! I get to add a new item to my closet and not break the bank :p

  11. I love the poncho and the dress! I need to get on board with this Stitch Fix! Someday, someday... Happy Weekend!

  12. Love the poncho. SO funny (and not) that two of the items are similar to ones you already owned.


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