Tuesday, November 24, 2015

{Toddler Tuesday} - Ellie's Christmas List 2015

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week and that we are less than 6 weeks away from Christmas!  

We already have several items for our Advent Calendar already purchased and scheduled, but now it's time to start thinking about presents, for the Babe specifically.

So for this week on Toddler Tuesday I am talking about some gift ideas for the Toddler in your life!!

Ellie's 3rd Christmas List

Ellie's 3rd Christmas List by lifeonthefarm on Polyvore

I have to admit that it was a little difficult coming up with items for Ellie's list because she already has so many toys...and she gets to play with a lot of other ones at the houses we work at.  I want to be practical with the items she will receive and that they will have longevity because I just don't want to have a lot of stuff.

Ellie has been really into what she wear lately so clothes are for sure on her list.  I am loving these pants, this top, and this top, and in an effort to have her be more girly I think this dress is adorable. But also adding in some fun accessories is always a good thing, so I am loving this style of necklace for her and maybe some bracelets too!

I am all about encouraging her imagination and this Little People cottage is perfect, combine that with her current obsession with neigh's and I think we have a winner winner chicken dinner.  Plus these toys are so cute and will fill her love of Disney quite nicely.

I am loving the Montessori inspired toys that have multiple uses.  Not only will Ellie get a better handle on her colors (because we all know she needs some help in that department) with THIS, but she will also get to work on sorting (a math skill) and fine motor skills with using the scoop to pick up the colors, not to mention some problem solving skills on figuring out how to actually accomplish that!!

It's never to early to start with number and letter recognition and these bath foam letters will help Ellie with that as well as work on her color recognition.  Additionally these puppies aren't only for use in the bathtub (Thanks Susie!!) and I can bring them to my nanny house give the littlest babe something to grab off the wall/window!!

What is on your toddler's list this year?

♥ Ashley

Ellie's 2nd Christmas List
Ellie's 1st Christmas List


  1. It's such a fun age! So much fun celebrating with them and experiencing this time of year through their eyes.

  2. What a fun wishlist!!! I can't wait until Caleb starts showing more of a preference to what type of toys he wants!

  3. Those foam bath letters are a huge hit in our house. We're working on letter recognition and it's always a fun game for Mila to try to find whatever letter I ask her to floating in the water. They've also been helpful with teaching her how to spell her name! Any kind of toy that a child can learn from is a win in my book! :)

    That Little People cottage is super cute too!


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