Monday, November 9, 2015

Our weekend

Is it just me or do the evening seem to drag on for forever now with the time change? Ellie was acting a little cranky last night so I figured it was probably close to bedtime (which is 8:00) but it was only 6:45, so we busted out the fish I got from our IKEA run the other day and some playdoh...there is just something completely wrong about the sun setting at 4:45 in the afternoon.  Ellie is also super obsessed with coffee right now and will request a cup, so I just grab her teacup and fill it with some water - that seems to satisfy her just fine!  Also we have been talking about replacing another appliance in our home since everything is from 1989.  We were trying to decide between a new dryer or a fridge.  Well the decision was made for us when our dryer stopped working this week.  I did a quick search online and then made my way to our local Lowes, they had a brand new GE dryer for almost 50% off because they came out with a new model.  I am must be getting old because I am pretty excited for a new dryer - but we have to wait until the 15th for it to get installed.  I guess we will be doing a lot on line drying in the bathrooms until then!

I gave a sneak peek on Friday's post about some of our IKEA haul. 
Here is a refresher:

Not only will you notice that I got Ellie some of the play food (I think I really like it because you can throw it in the washing machine to clean it up!) but also some things for her room.   I have been having the most challenging time finding some curtains that match the design I have in my brain, well I picked up these curtains at IKEA despite Ellie saying "NO!" and turning her head away when I asked if she liked them (which seems to be the trend these days whenever I show her something girly...) but then once they were up in her room she came around and admits that she likes them, and I actually really like them (especially for $25 for the pair!).

Friday when I had an unexpected day off (#notcomplaining) I got to work in Ellie's room in the morning.  So here the curtains are hung up temporarily until I sew the blackout curtains on them and hang them properly by the grommets.  I am also thinking that I want to sew on some PomPom trim because I think it's so cute, I just have to decide if I'll do it the green or pink color...though I am leaning towards the green!  I love them so much and they have really lightened up her room considerably and brought in the touch of girly whimsy I was hoping for.  Not quite like the inspiration I had but definitely a perfect alternative!  Also I picked up the the TEJN faux sheepskin and she loves it so much and I love how it feels between my toes (I might need to pick up two more for our room...)

The room is definitely not complete, it's a work in progress but I love how each element is bringing my vision to reality!

I really had my A-game going on so Ellie got dressed up in her finest plaid and posed for this sweet little picture when we were heading out to library story time - I mean come on!  Also that sweater is one of a kind knit by my mom, I love having these little pieces of her.

I also "matched" with the babe for Flannel Friday and Plaid Friday. It's November now so I get to wear plaid and flannel, right?

On Saturday we had a lazy bit of a morning but then headed our to finalize and sign off on the measurements for our new floor...I am finally getting rid of the "vintage" 1989 builders wall to wall carpet in our house!  We don't have an install date set up yet but will hopefully get the floors in by the end of the month (if not sooner - fx).  I will go into more detail in another post.  After we went to the flooring store we stopped by Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It was our first time ever going to a CFA and I have to say that it was pretty good,  Ellie loved playing in the kids play area too, so that is another reason to return!

During Ellie's nap I got my chalkart on and did a new design on our pantry doors, I have to say that I am in love with it.  I do all my designs freehand while looking at an image for inspiration and I have to make sure to get a picture of it almost immediately before Ellie decides it's lacking her touch of art...

Then we invited Thomas' parents over for dinner and I made Roast Beef, Popovers, my new favorite side: Shredded Brussels Sprouts, and sauteed Mushrooms.  (recipe's coming) The meal did not disappoint and I am so glad we have some left overs because those brussels are so good and I cant wait to thin cut that meat for some sandwiches.

Sunday we got up early and went out for Donuts...Girlfriend loves herself some donuts and was pretty excited to eat hers once we returned home.  The donut shop we went to this time is only about 8 minutes away and I have a feeling we will be going there on the regular.  Ellie got a cake donut with vanilla frosting and sprinkles (she picked it out) and I got a glazed buttermilk bar - I haven't had one in years and it was so good.  Thomas had a chocolate bar.  Next time though I am trying their pumpkin pie donut...I hope it's as good and I think it will be.

The rest of the day we did some cleaning up around the house, got all the storage boxes I filled up from cleaning our Baby #2's room up in the attic, and did some major yard work.  I cleaned up about half of the vegetable garden and cut back all the peonies...our compost bin is now officially FULL!  Thomas did some organizing in the garage and put up an inflatable Minnie Mouse in the yard.  After Ellie's nap we went out on the farm and played on the swings, chased the goats and fed the animals.  

That's our was yours?

♥ Ashley


  1. Oh, donuts! Who doesn't love them, right?! So sorry your dryer went out but it's always super exciting to get a new one!! When we bought our appliances a few years back we bought them around black Friday and scored a major deal too. I'm totally for getting the last years model if it saves a pretty penny! Have a great week, Ashley!!

  2. Donuts are always a good decision. Love the curtains. Glad you finally found some that work. $25 is a hard price to beat too!

  3. Love the curtains! What a great price -- love Ikea! That play food looks really fun! I always look at it and want to grab it but someone has a TON of play food already :)

  4. I love Ellie's bedroom!!!! And that outfit she's wearing is swoon worthy! I want it in my size! ;-)

  5. Donuts are always a good idea, and usually a part of our weekend's too!! Adorable sweater from your mom, she should have a little etsy kid's shop! Love the play food! That was always a favorite of mine growing up. We used to play restaurant and my dad would call the house phone from his cell phone and "make reservations" for dinner ;)

  6. Your chalk art on your pantry doors is fab! Love it!

  7. Her room is so adorable, I love it so much! It's really coming together. You're definitely right, the evenings have seemed to drag on and on ever since this stupid Daylight Savings nonsense took effect. Stop the madness!!


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