Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 19

Another Wednesday already? I swear I just wrote a post yesterday ;) We've been keeping busy on ye old farm and Finnley is keeping up and blending in seamlessly.

Week 19

Eats: still exclusively on formula and she's eating at least 24 ounces a day maybe even more. We did walk down the baby food aisle at Target the other day and I told Thomas that I can't wait to get her some puffs. So maybe this girlfriend will get started on solids earlier than big sis did. Also we are encouraging Finnley to hold the bottle herself, which I'm sure some people would disagree with but it works for us. 

Sleeps: I seriously can't get over how lucky we are with her sleep!! She is still sleeping 10 hours at night and it is glorious and I have to mention that her naps are becoming more consistent too. We are getting a couple of shorter naps throughout the day and then usually a 3 hour one around the same time as Ellie's nap and I'll let you know that it is amazing!!! 

Does: we are working on building up stomach muscles and having the babe sitting up. She can last about 30 second in the nippy but in her walker she can chill for about 10+ minutes which is a win in my book. The other day I laid her down on the playmat on her back while I fed the farm animals and when I returned she had rolled herself into her tummy, no crying and she spit up all over in her celebration. 

Goes: we made a trip to the zoo, to ikea,  the bike store for Dada's bike and since Thomas had to work this week Finnley was finally able to go to the house I Nanny at! 

Loves: we are digging the playmat, the ergo, infant lounger and baby walker.  We've gotten a lot of use out of these items as well as some baby toys.  Finnley is really into grabbing items and she loves to hold onto a blanket, we love these lightweight muslin blankets and used them with Ellie too.

Of Note: girlfriend rolled over by herself a couple of times so now we know it was not a fluke.  Also she has her 4 month appointment tomorrow and hopefully she will do well for that...big sis is pretty excited about getting to go to the doctor, so there is always that ;)

Mama: I cannot tell you how happy I am that Finnley is making strides towards her development.  Rolling over is huge and I am really hoping that by the end of next month that she is sitting on her own because that is a huge game changer! I really cannot get enough of both of my girls and I am pining for Finnley to give us more giggles and laughs because those are just the best. 

Sister: Ellie is just as obsessed as ever with her baby sis.  For a while she wasn't insistent about holding Finn but now she is all about it again.  Also she is constantly singing Finnley her song and is seriously the best helper with Finnley...maybe I can get her to change the diapers?? haha j/k I won't even let her wipe her own butt ;)  But really though it is my hope that these two become the best of friends.

♥ Ashley

Ellie at 19 weeks

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