Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 16

Another Wednesday already?? Actually it seems like this week was l o o o o n g, and I am so happy that we are here already.  Finnley girl is getting quite the personality and her smile slays me every time.  She has totally got me wrapped around her finger and knows how to get her way...secretly, I love it.

Week 16

Eats: same old same old. Just Similac Sensitive formula with our Dr. Browns Bottles.  It's so funny because I am seriously counting down the days until we will start her on solids!! I was a nervous nelly about it with Ellie, but this time around the sooner we can the better...not to mention that I am so looking forward to no longer be bottle feeding.  Don't get me wrong I love our bottles and how easy it is to feed formula (doesn't take any creativity) but preparing and washing bottles gets mundane after a while.

Sleeps: Finnley babe is getting into a better routine with her naps...which we are all loving around here.  We learned that she actually sleeps better when the room is dark, so against my better judgement we are pandering to her preferences and making the room super dark, it's worth it though because this week we have been getting much longer stretches of naps.  Plus girlfriend is still a rockstar at sleeping through the night.  She is still in our room in the bassinet for it all and I'm getting ready to see how she does sleeping in her room.  We have to just stop being lazy and buy a monitor, I'm thinking this one but if you have any recommendations I would love to know!

Goes: no where out of the ordinary.  Thomas and I have been working on our deck remodel, so we've been homebodies this week.  We have made a few trips to the home improvement store, the market, grocery store, and Nanny and Paps's.  Sometimes it just feels really good to hang around home.

Does: I cleaned off the baby walker and we've been putting Finnley in it.  At first she wasn't too much of a fan but now she likes it better.  She found her feet and will play with them for a good amount of time. She has started to grab for her toys and has been able to bring them into her mouth (much preferred over her fingers in her mouth).  She still cries during tummy time (unless she is in Ellie's room) and spits up throughout the day.

Loves: she loves to hangout in her infant seat, the baby walker and in our arms. A great toy for her lately has been the connecting links - what a great invention, and when we were in Poulsbo last week we picked up the most adorable teether that Finnley just coos and babbles to nonstop.

Mama: I am loving that Finnley is a Mama's girl, and I am loving that she is more interactive.  The first few months of babyhood are a lot of work without a lot of reciprocation.  But now she gets the biggest gummy smile when she sees me and seriously y'all it is the best thing ever!!! Ellie was always a happy baby but I don't remember her smiling like Finnley does. Some days are easier than others but honestly I don't really remember the hard days - and that is a very good thing.

Sister: Ellie is still 150% obsessed with her sister.  She is so kind and loving and will always tell us when Finnley is crying, that she needs a bottle (and she is right 90% of the time) and so desperately wants to help change her diapers.  Her favorite part is Finnley's head and since we haven't been putting socks on Ellie is able to soak up as much of Finn's feet as she wants!  These two are the best and I will never tire of Ellie telling me multiple times an hour that "I love Pinnley too much".

♥ Ashley

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  1. I just love the big smile in that first picture... and Ellie's Minnie shirt in that last one too :P.


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