Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 18

I'm in utter disbelief that Finnley is already 18 weeks old. This time has completely flown by and somehow this gem of a lady is already 4 months old!!!

Week 18

Eats: still going strong with our Similac Sensitive formula in the Dr. Browns bottles. Now that Finnley is 4 months old we only have 8 months left!!  We love our bottles and how easy formula is but there is something to be said for a babe that can feed them self. Which prompted us to encourage Finnley to start being an active participant during feedings.  We looked back at Ellie's 17 week update and realized that we were having Ellie help out then so it was time for Finnley to step up to the plate...our future is getting brighter.

Sleeps: hallelujah we have figured out naps!! We weren't much of nap nazi's with Ellie when she was an infant because she was such a go with the flow babe, but now that we have Ellie on a solid nap schedule it benefits us to try and get Finnley to sleep at the same time.  So far this week we have been successful to have an overlap during their naps which has been glorious (we've been able to accomplish a lot on our back deck project check out my IG @lifeonthefarm for those updates) and a much less crabby atmosphere here on the farm.  Finnley was going through a phase for a couple of weeks in the late afternoon/early evening where she was getting pretty unruly and I was so afraid of the sleep regression I've heard about but thankfully she is still sleeping through the night and we get to have some rest around these parts.  We still have her sleeping in our room in the bassinet (because I'm lazy and keep forgetting to get a baby monitor - I guess it's just not that big of a deal to me) and swaddled but we tend to find her like this in the mornings so maybe she doesn't need the swaddle anymore??

Goes: we've hit up parks, Costco, gymnastics/swimming for big sis, many trips to Home Depot and then just a bunch of hanging around the house.  We did make our way to get her 3 month milestone photos taken, just a day shy of her 4 monthday but better late than never #amiright?!

Does: we also noticed in Ellie's update that we had her sitting up in the boppy, so we encouraged lil sis to do the same and she was a big fan! Finnley is all about the smiles and I just can't get over it.  She laughs now and its the cutest thing I ever did hear.  I don't remember Ellie's first laugh, but I have a feeling that I will remember Finnley's - plus we have in on video viewable on IG @lifeonthefarm. She grabs her toes and has started to play with toys now too and its just adorbs as well as getting distracted with her hands for nearly 10 minutes.  We've been trying to put her down on her playmat more often and she is now rolling onto her sides.  

Loves: I think it's safe to say that Finnley loves her people and her puppies, she gets such a kick out of Cooper and he is the reason behind her laughs.  She is also a big fan of her Oball, this is such a great toy because her little hands are able to find a grip on it and manipulate it so now I think I really need to get out the rest of the toys.  Finnley babe loves to just hang out with us and watch the Olympics, just like her mama she loves the gymnastics!! 

Of Note: this sweet little babe turned 4 months on Saturday and she is just the sweetest pie I know.  She is a chill babe (most of the time) who loves her feet and hands, hates a paci and can cry like a banshee but makes up for it with her awesome sleep habits. I finally got down the next box of clothes we had in the attic because the 3 month size are getting quite snug so we're moving her into the 3-6 and 9 month clothe sizes and she seems much more comfortable.  I don't put headbands on her as often as I did with Ellie, and Finnley has figured out how to pull them down over her head.  So that means I just need to remember to put more on ;)

Mama: y'all I feel like I've said it before but I'll say it again...I think we've hit our stride with having two babes and it's just as easy as I thought it would be.  I'll admit that we totes lucked out with Finnley having an affinity to sleep but this transition really could not have gone any smoother.  I love spending time with my little babe and watching her grow and develop a personality is just the best.  I can't believe that we have two girls and I get to experience this whole mom thing all over again.

Sister: one of our favorite parts of the day is when Finn wakes up before E during naptime so that when it's time for Ellie to wake up we all go in and hang out in her bed for a few minutes and both girls love it so much.  Ellie is just the best big sister and still has total concern about her sis, though she no longer asks us if we know where Finnley is, maybe because she has realized that Finnley is here to stay or she knows that Finnley is somewhere in the house and is safe.  Regardless, Ellie is all about kissing Finnley's head, giving her hugs and letting us know when Finnley is making a sound.  She is just as if not more excited than we are about Finnley laughing and it's now her main objective every day to get Finnley to laugh and it just melts my heart!  This week is also the first week I was able to capture both girls smiling.

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