Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 17

These weeks are going by faster and faster, not sure if it's because it is summer time and we are packing as much in before Thomas has to go back to work or what. Regardless the reason life with two babes is the bees knees and each week is better and better.  Getting to know our sweet Finnley babe's personality, likes and dislikes is one of my favorite things but most of all I am addicted to her smile!

Week 17

Eats: not much new to tell here.  Still going strong on the Similac Sensitive formula with a level 2 nipple from our Dr. Brown's bottles. And girlfriend is still Queen of the Spit Up.

Sleeps: naps got a bit off this weekend since we were out of town but the Finn is still rocking her full night sleep and I adore it.  We are still swaddling the babe and I am thinking that we need to start letting an arm out...but I don't want to mess with her sleep.  What did you mama's do?  How did you know it was time?

Does: oh my word!!! This week Finnley started to put her arms around my neck and squeeze when I was walking around with her!! I will consider that a hug and I love it.  She is smiling all the time, puts weight on her legs, hangs out, cries like a banshee and really enjoys watching the Olympics.

Loves: her hands and feet but is refusing a pacifier...which is not my favorite.  She is enjoying her car seat more and loves it when Ellie sings to her.  She loves her bottle and loves the people she knows.

Goes: we made our way over to Spokane for my cousin's wedding this past weekend and both girls had a lot of fun.  We stayed with my (other) cousin and Ellie had a blast playing with their daughter while Finnley enjoyed being a "part" of the action.  While in Spokane we did some things we haven't done before.  We visited Riverfront Park, which was the location for the World's Fair in 1974, went on the SkyRide to see Spokane Falls and took the mini train ride around the park.  I really wanted to go on the Carousel with Ellie but she was fixated on the train so we saved it for our next visit.  We also made a stop in Ellensburg, WA where Thomas and I first met in college to celebrate our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  We loved having the girls with us and showing them our Alma Mater and our favorite places around town.  Finnley was a rockstar in the Ergo and did well about 80% of the drive. 

Mama: like I said I love that Finnley is hugging and smiling, we are starting to get to my more favorite stages of infant life and I am soaking it up.  I love listening to her (happy) noises and how she just fits into our family.  I am also incredibly thankful that I have the ability to stay home with both of my girls this year but even more thankful that I am nannying again (with one of my former families) and that my girls will get to have socialization while I am also able to contribute to our family!!!

Sister: this week has been better than all previous weeks.  Ellie will sing Finnley her song (both of our girls have a special song that is "just their's") all the time and will let us know when Finn needs a bottle or had a spit up.  She loves her sister so much and was so excited to get to push Finnley first on her maiden voyage in the umbrella stroller! That was a big step for me but gave Ellie so much more than I can express. I love these two girls together and I feel so blessed to get to watch them grow up together!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! That's so cute she's starting to "hug" you. :)


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