Friday, August 26, 2016

Hey Friday!! the last one in August

Y'all I can't believe that today is the last Friday (and weekend) of August. Quite simply that makes my stomach turn because this summer went by way too fast and our deck still isn't finished!! (Not to mention the other 1,200 projects I had)  but I digress, let's get onto this weeks five. 


Snapchat. I'm obsessed with it...mainly the filters. But also getting peeks into some of my favorite bloggers lives! Be sure to follow along (@Alifeonthefarm). I wasn't planning on going here, but I haven't even tried out the IG Stories because I heard there is no filter. Info check out the stories and really it's not a big deal to each their own. The plus side is if you choose just to do IG all around you're saving storage on your phone by having one less app - that way you can take so many more pictures.


Now that we're back to nannying we get to frequent the house that my nanny kids live in. The girl has quite the collection of baby dolls and has sparked Ellie in her love for baby dolls again!! She plays with them, wants a car seat for Bitty, naps with them and now wants to bring Bitty with us everywhere, including Finnley's Doctor appointment for a check up. 


Ellie has my old iPhone 5C since they wouldn't take it in for a trade in (no problem there!!) and since its my old phone the two are synced up, so when we both get on wifi I find gems like these on my camera roll...


Our big project of the summer has been finishing up our deck. It has been a much more in depth process than I thought, but of course isn't that how every house project goes?? When we moved in the deck was half the size and the previous owners painted it orange!! Over the years we let the paint chip away, get peeled off and sand off. Then last year we finally decided that it was time to start making our back yard an oasis, so we doubled the size of the deck and build a cover for it, but left the old deck still standing. This year we replaced the boards of the old deck, pressure washed, swept, sanded, swept, stained, sealed, painted and added in the railing. Which was basically the longest project ever!! But y'all the light is at the end of the tunnel!! I just have to do some touch up paint on the railings and then styling and we are good to go!!! [until we decided to build the step on this end...#williteverend??!!] don't worry I'll share a whole post for the reveal! But in the meantime follow song on IG because I'm sharing on there all the time!


We were at Target the other day and I got so inspired by all the fall clothes that I'm thinking we're going to have to have family pictures done pretty soon and I'm thinking that the girls need to wear these outfits. Then I need to find some color coordinated outfits for me and Thomas. What do you think? So cute right?!


  1. Love when the fall things pop up =)
    And love seeing your porch on IG!!!

  2. SO cute!!! I am loving those outfits and that first photo of you is gorgeous.


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