Monday, January 9, 2017

My Word for 2017

I was first introduced to choosing a word (or phrase) to focus on for the year in lieu of choosing a bunch of resolutions that most likely will be forgotten in a matter of weeks in the blogging world. 

Back in 2015 I chose the word Content, I wanted to focus on being happy and content with my life as it was.  I think overall I did a fairly good job at focusing on that but there is always room for improvement.  I did however find a great peace during 2015 after an unfortunate event...our 5th miscarriage and 3 ectopic pregnancy in July.  I had to have surgery for my ruptured fallopian tube and had it removed.  It's strange to find peace from such a tragedy but I was really able to let go of the tight grasp that my infertility had over me.  I am not out of the woods yet but have a much better outlook.  We also did some home improvements which made me much more content in our home: we painted the exterior, installed wood floors, and got a new fridge.  They were such simple and minor changes but have made a huge difference in our quality of life here - your mindset really changes when you love where you are.

I never shared my word for 2016 on the blog but it was "Just Be".  I wanted to just be me and embrace all that that meant.  It was a journey for sure but I had the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection and to work on becoming a better me.  This became even more important as we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family this year and putting a focus on being the best me has allowed me to be a better Mama as well.  I have made choices to make sure that I am doing what is best for us and to try and weed out all the the negativity that surrounds our wold.  This wasn't an easy year by any means but if I look at who I am today compared to who I was a year ago, I have so much more self confidence and understanding of who I am.

Okay, y'all are probably done with the history lesson so lets get on to this year's word:

"Just Do"

I want this to be the year of "Do-ing".  Whatever that may mean.  Basically I want to be more active and proactive and to stop making excuses or being lazy.  So here are some examples I have that I hope to embrace for this upcoming year and just Do-ing it:

the kitchen is a mess? get off your ass and clean it
the sheets need to be washed? get off your ass and wash them
hate the paint color in the bathroom? get off your ass, buy some paint and get painting
a lightbulb needs to be changed? get off your ass and change it
want to lose a few pounds? get off your ass, watch your calories and work out
the flowerbed needs weeding? get off your ass a weed it
the barns need a new coat of paint? get off your ass and paint them

So instead of constantly putting things on the back burner I just want get it done so I can check it off my list...spoiler alert: I've already marked something off the list above!! I painted the girls bathroom this week and I love it so very much.  I gave a sneak peek on snapchat (@Alifeonthefarm) but here are some photos for the blog.  It's not done yet but Oh My Word I love it so much more, it's lighter and brighter and all over better.  Here is what it used to look like.

♥ Ashley


  1. I love this. I adore you and I'm going to apply some of your words for the year to myself :) Heaven knows I need it!

  2. Just do, what a great phrase to live by! I also struggle with things around the house that I want to do...but never get around to. Time to install a barn door like we've been talking about!

  3. I love this! I put off so many small things sometimes, but when I actually do them I feel better and realize they don't take that much time after all.

  4. This is a great word, or words! :) Mine is trust. I have been meaning to write a post about it, but haven't yet. I love "just do" because I'm so guilty of making a task bigger in my mind than it actually is and in the end, it gets done in 5 minutes or even like 2 minutes! And I feel wayyyy better afterwards.

  5. My one word is New. Been doing the word thing for several years now. past words were Hope, Brave, Resolve and Genuine (I've kinda been going through a lot).

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