Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello June!!

It's JUNE!!!

That means that next month we are having a baby!!! All the heart eyes and time to get to business and check off all the things - who knows how I'm going to do with PP recovery!!

May flew by with all the things we had going on: Birthdays (1, 2, 3), Parties, Mother's Day, Forever Day, Field Trips, house work, garden updates, yard updates and everything in between!!


I'm making the most of our Y membership and have the girls signed up for classes at two locations.  They're both in two gymnastics classes and two swimming classes 😳 so life has been pretty busy.  But I love that they are getting more exposure and that Thomas gets to be a part of it too 😉.


Thomas had several days off this week and he got to work getting some things done around the house. When we moved in 10 years ago the back yard was basically a jungle, jam packed with as many trees and shrubs they could fit.  It looked nice and was well kept but didn't really give that open space that is conducive to kids and dogs running around.  So we've been slowly working on it.  For years we've had a quince bush right smack in the middle of the yard, I loved it but hated where it was located.  Additionally a lilac was planted inches away from the Maple tree and has been affecting the growth and integrity of the Maple.  I casually mentioned that I wouldn't miss either of them if they happened to be gone one day...Much to my surprise, I came out from painting in the playhouse to find out that he cut both of them down!! We have so much more room in our back yard and I can't get over how much better it truly looks!!


Speaking of the Playhouse, we're about 80% done!! Thankfully that is enough for the girls to get to go in and start playing, and play they have.  We go out at least three times a day for them to get their play on and its just the best!! 

We still have some work to do: 
*build a ladder and railing for the loft
*put down flooring in the loft
*finish up the patio and fencing
*build a front porch
*add trimwork around both doors and final remaining window
*build, paint, and install the dutch door
*paint the exterior

we've already started work on the patio.  Thomas removed the metal roofing and cleared out all the chicken crap!!  It's coming along.

That list is getting smaller and it's so exciting!


We have had some awesome weather lately and my gardens are loving it.  The peas and beans are growing well, some of the tomatoes already have some little green tomatoes, I've used a handful of the herbs, and the girls have been enjoying the Honey Berries!!  Not to mention that all the flowers are starting to bloom and come up and I am just in love!!

Happy June Y'all!!!

♥ Ashley

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