Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gardening with Ciscoe...almost. And Mother's Day with my MOMALA!!!

One of my favorite things about Saturday mornings is that I get to watch Gardening with Ciscoe. He is such a strange person but gets me excited about getting outside and dirty! He has some great idea's and teaches me about various places to go check out in the greater Seattle area!

Thomas and I had the opportunity to go to Flower World in Maltby, near Snohomish this past weekend and we got some great flowers. It is so funny how as the seasons change our focus on where we are decorating or making improvements changes. In the winter we focus on the inside of our house and in the spring/summer we focus on the outside of our house. I guess it makes sense because when its dark and rainy outside we don't want to be there and things don't grow very well. So its cozier to stay inside. In the spring and summer its so rare to have those hot sunny days you have to take advantage of it. Anyways back to what I where I was going, we got to plant our little treasures this week. I am so excited for when they start growing and flourishing. We got a 'Money Plant' hopefully that will help us out during these hard economic times along with a lot more perennials. I have an eye for annuals but we need to start looking towards perennials so that the flower bed is more substantial and costs less each season.

While I was watching Gardening with Ciscoe, he and Meaghan were at the W. W. Seymour Conservatory at Wright Park in Tacoma. We decided to venture there on Mother's Day with my wonderful Momala. It looked like it was going to be a lot bigger on T.V. than it actually was but it was beautiful as was the park. My family and I had such a fun time honoring our mom and spending the day with her. We are so blessed to have her in our life and that we are able to have her as our MOM!! I love you so much!

Pictures of the garden are going to come soon. Here is a list of what we planted: Columbine, Zinnea's, Money Plant, Geraniums, Purple Alyssum, Hollyhock and then some Peonies I got at Costco.

In the veg patch we have Lettuce and Sugar Snap Peas. Hopefully they will start to sprout soon!

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