Monday, May 2, 2011

Ode to the Caribbean part 5

Did you know that President George Washington only went out of the country one time in his life? And the only place that Washington traveled to was: Barbados. The city of Bridgetown, Barbados was our third port of call.

Thomas and I had decided that we were only going to go on one excursion on our trip, that was going to be in Dominica, so again we decided to do our own thing. We were thinking about renting a scooter in Bridgetown but we waited in the line for about 15 minutes and no one was coming to the counter. We changed our minds and walked the 20 minutes into town/city. We walked into a fish market and got cat-called and were offered to take a picture while holding a little shark, I declined. No way are you going to get me to hold a dead fish with my bare hands. Onwards we walked and found the boardwalk along the canal. We found a really cool old church that had hundreds of birds (I think they were pigeons) living in it and there was poop everywhere. I had to dodge and run into the church because I was afraid that I was going to get pooped on. We looked inside a furniture store, but not that impressed. We stopped at little restaurant and had fries. (on our last foreign vacation to Mexico we ate off the resort and both got food poisoning so I was afraid to eat off the boat, so this was a big step for me). I drank water and Thomas had one of their local beers. On our journey back to the boat we decided to go a different way and came across info boards that told the story of George's visit to the Caribbean and many Plumeria trees.

We went back to the port shops because Thomas wanted to get some little shot bottles from the duty free and sneak them onto the boat. While we were picking out our alcohol I looked at my shoulder and noticed these little boil/blister like things all over my shoulders, arms and stomach. I started to get really mad because I was having an allergic reaction to something, either something I ate or the soap I was using from the boat. So we had to hurry and buy our alcohol and then get our artwork that we had picked out in another shop before we went on our little trek to town and get on the boat so I could take some allergy medicine and a shower. The blisters burned a little bit but mostly went away after I dried myself. Eventually I deduced that since it was so humid and hot, the top I was wearing did not breath very well, and I had a terrible sunburn that my sweat got trapped under the dead skin as my skin started to peel immediately after my shower.

It turns out that it was a good thing that we didn't rent a scooter. The drivers on the island were crazy. We were walking down the street and we were passed by a motorcycle going almost 60 in the city!! It was crazy and I guess that children getting hit by cars is a daily occurrence. Plus there were hardly any road signs. We had a map to help get us into town but could not find where we were since there were not any street signs. Very confusing.

If I were to travel back to Barbados, I would wear a better more breathable top and go see the estate that George Washington stayed at.

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