Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Warriors

We have been hard at work the past couple of weekends on our front yard. When we moved in the front was horrible and the curb appeal was less than desirable. Since we have moved in we have removed all of the terrible, kept some of the keepers and basically re-did the entire front yard to our liking. We removed "Tumors" well that is what I called them, they are better known as junipers, rhododendrons are gone (I don't like how sticky they get) as well as some other things that I can't even remember. We added grass, flowers and a veg patch. Here are some pictures of the yard from this year. Please enjoy.
Our "Tulip"field at the end of the season. In addition we have Gus's memorial on the left (he was our little parakeet).
One of the things we kept, but are going to get rid of. It's a flowering plum, but the previous owners had cut it down and these are just the suckers growing off the stump, I thought it would fill out better but it just isn't working.
Our front yard showing the flower bed and grass along with our veg patch. All it needs is a new paint color and our house will have a more than desirable curb appeal!
Another view of our tulips, I think this one was taken last week or so.
My new additions from the Junk Salvation, an old but sturdy wheel barrow and a metal bin that will be used as a planter.
You can just see our raspberry bush, its going to give us golden raspberries (its on the right in the grass.

The veg patch. We now have the following planted: spinach, lettuce, parsnips, carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and peas. We will plant our beans after the peas have finished.
Our cute little ducks from Rust and Ruffles in Snohomish.

New plantings by the front door, the roses died so we need to replace them, hopefully these will work out better.

We are hoping that we will get some good crops this year, we are praying for a fruitful summer! But please lets keep the weeds away!!

Are you working on anything in your garden? Do you grow veggies to eat? Or do you just enjoy flowers? I would love to know what projects my dear readers are doing.

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