Friday, February 10, 2012

Funky Junk Sisters "Junk Salvation" - Oregon

I have to start this post off with an apology. I was a HORRIBLE blogger this weekend. Why you might ask? Because I brought my camera with me to the Junk Salvation down in Hilsboro, Oregon last weekend and I left it in the hotel room BOTH days!!! I am so disappointed with myself. But alas I have some links that you can go to that will show you pictures of what I saw at the show.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Junk Salvation down in Hilsboro, Oregon with my MIL, Deanna, for the second time. We went last year and had a blast that we have been counting down the days until the next one. I am so fortunate to have such a great relationship with my MIL. I have heard that is NOT the case with many people. Deanna is very kind and giving. We also have A LOT in common, like JUNKING!!! (I never would have called it "junking" until we went to the show last year, it seemed rude, but then after we attended the show I realized what a fantastic word that is!! It really is true one GIRLs junk is another GIRLs treasure!!)

The show this year was GREAT. The vendors had a lot of wonderful things to sell -- and inspire the crafty. Most of the vendors were super friendly, but not all of them. It is always such a bummer when you run into an unfriendly vendor. Deanna and I tell each other that we don't feel like giving them our money - no matter how much we like their stuff - because they are rude. I did however buy something from one of the "unfriendly" vendors because I really could NOT pass it up. (I will post pictures of my finds later - after I upload all the pics onto my computer).

Deanna and I have also found ourselves to be MUCH more picky at these shows, I think its because our homes are filling up with all the great junk that we have to really think it our where we are going to put stuff. With being picky you don't see so much stuff that you HAVE to HAVE. So we didn't really come home with much from the show. I think that is a good thing though because that means that we will really treasure our finds. I didn't find the ONE thing I was looking for at this show. Back at the one in November, many of the vendors had these little covered chicken bowls, like TINY ones, for individual salt cellars on a table setting. I passed them up in November because I wasn't quite sure of them. Then about a week later I was DYING for one. I have been checking out all the local antique stores with no luck. I was CONVINCED that I would see them again and pick one up at the show. Would you believe that there were NONE at the show that I could find? We also went to some of our favorite Antique stores while down in Portland and they too did not have ANY!! It was terrible. I am still on the lookout and I will NOT give up on finding my chicken!!

It was so much fun chatting it up with the Junk Sisters themselves. I learned once I got home that some of my blogging "friends" were at the show. I am sad that I missed meeting them, but there is always next time!! I also loved recognizing the vendors from the other Junk Shows we have been to and seeing what they had brought with them this time!

I highly recommend this show. Every one of them is different and they have 3 to 4 of them a year in Puyallup, Hilsboro, and the Spokane area. Check out these links to see pictures of the show!! Forever Cottage, Bee and Mason, and the Junk Sisters.

Again my apologies for no pics but these guys have some amazing ones. They also have some great blogs so go ahead and check them out!!

♥ Ashley

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