Monday, February 13, 2012

Junk Finds! and a funny story

I had mentioned in my previous post that I would post my finds from our Junking trip to the Junk Salvation in Hillsboro, Oregon. I only found one thing at the show that I NEEDED to bring home. And that was a chalkboard with a beautiful white Frame. I have been on the lookout for the past year or so for a really ornate picture frame. I was hoping to get one at a Goodwill or something as I was not too interested in spending a lot of mula on a frame. My plan was to paint it white and then learn how to use Chalkboard Paint so I could have a message center. I wanted to try and have the whole thing done on the cheap. I was NOT having any luck in finding my own parts to make my own board. So I was left to purchasing one already done. But those babies are close to $100 if not more. And their frames are just blah!

I could NOT believe my eyes when I spotted this beauty, actually Deanna found it and pointed it out to me. I had to have it, and the price was doable!! I love it so much. Thomas had to help me change the eye-hooks so it would hang the other direction, due to the location I was hanging it. I primed the board first, by covering the whole surface with the side of the chalk. You do this so that when you erase the words, you don't see the remnants left behind.

So here is the beauty! What do you think?

You will probably be questioning the picture below. On our way from HomeGoods in Portland to Hillsboro, we were driving in traffic on the freeway and I look over to my left and see this guy driving in his car. He has his computer set up so that he can access it WHILE driving. And that is EXACTLY what he was doing. Signing onto his computer the first time we passed him. Then, when I looked again, he was getting onto the internet, not FB but lets just pretend that it was. I could NOT believe what I was seeing. I was LMAO as was Deanna and I just HAD to get a picture of it. I got my camera out, rolled down my window and waited for him to drive by again. SNAP, I got the picture the flash went off!! I think he noticed and I was SO tickled with myself that I had absolutely no Composure that he had to have known that I took a picture of him.
The thing I LOVE about this picture is that he is so engrossed in looking at his computer! You can just see it on the other side of the mirror. Deanna was EMBARRASSED, but you know what, if you choose to do something like that then you should be just fine when someone takes a picture. I think he was a little shocked so he got off of his computer. After we did a couple more passes we looked in the window again and then he was TEXTING on his cellphone!! We kept saying "Oh those Oregonians and Porlanders are such terrible drivers!!" We then looked at his license plate and he is from WASHINGTON! Thanks for giving us a bad name you Jerk!!

Anyways, thought you would enjoy our entertainment. As I am retelling the story, it was a lot more funny when it was happening.

♥ Ashley

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