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Thomas and I are knee deep or more like waist deep in writing our Autobiographies for the Home Study process of our Adoption. This is the second autobiography that we have had to fill out. One was for our Adoption Agency and this one is for our Home Study. Some of the questions are the same so we are able cut and paste. But these questions are SERIOUSLY thought provoking. I feel like these are questionnaires that ALL would be parents should read and answer...starting at age 15 or so.
Many of the questions may or may not have crossed your mind pre-pregnancy or even pre-family planning. But they are ones you should think about nonetheless as they relate to parenting.

Questions like:
1.What do you regard as your greatest personal crisis or disappointment? How did you handle it?
2.How would you feel about your child having a different religion/belief system?
3.What interests/values do you share as a couple?
4.What do you think are the most important things a parent can give to a child?
5.What goals would you have for a child in your care?
6.What parenting/child care experiences have you had?
7.What were the positive and negative qualities about your family, most pleasant memories and unhappy ones?
8.How do you expect the addition of a child to impact your marriage?
9.Describe your methods to teach and discipline your child or if not parenting your plans.
10.What are your childcare plans?
11.Describe how you see your life changing with a child. Please project to the future with a child to include the rigors of parenting through the teenage years. Please factor in your ages, health, and lifestyle in this discussion.
12.What resources do you feel you have to provide for your child? This question refers to personal support both emotional and financial should either parent become ill or incapacitated or should your child have extra needs, physical or emotional.

These are powerful questions and require a lot of thought. Just keep in mind that these are just a sample of some of the questions you might come upon when writing your autobiography for adoption. I think these apply to natural parents as well.
Did you think of any of these questions before you got pregnant? What about while pregnant and planning for your little one to arrive?

This is just a taste of our adoption process.

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