Wednesday, February 15, 2012

it BROKE!!

Well dinner went well last night. My DH helped out and made the lobster and helped season the steaks. He was completely surprised by our dessert...Pumpkin Pie!! I was fortunate to get a job yesterday that put me home almost an HOUR before him. I was able to get the pie crust made and the filling done, rolled up the extra pie crust with cinnamon/sugar. I was just cleaning up and about to pour in the pumpkin when he walked in the door.

He brought me flowers!! My favorite kind, Calalillies.

I used up the last of the butter on our Hollandaise Sauce and it was looking beautiful!! We seasoned it and I took it off the heat and it BROKE!! it Curdled!! it was rendered USELESS!!! all that hard work. I guess that it is ok, its only the second time I have made it. Luckily the first time it worked out nicely as it was for Easter dinner with guests. I was greatly disappointed with myself but Thomas told me it would be okay and that it was not a big deal. It took me a good 15 minutes to get over it. It is so frustrating when you take the time to plan and make something and then it BREAKS! I did NOT take any pictures because I don't want any evidence of my failure...except here I am sharing it with everyone on the World Wide Web. Smart one!

Well there you have it. I will have pictures posted of the successful parts of the meal later.

Hope all of you lovelies had a WONDERFUL Valentines!!

♥ Ashley

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