Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Years!?!?!?!?!

I can't believe that it has already been 10 years since I graduated High School!!  I went to a small private school with about 86 in my graduating class.  Luckily for Facebook we have been able to keep somewhat in contact with each other but there are a few that do not have facebook.

I was waiting and waiting to see if anyone would step up and organize our 10 year reunion - since we didn't have an ASB President it was up to whomever had the guts to put it together.  As I was really hoping to see lots of my alum friends I got my act together and started the organization process.  Our class had a student whose family owns a large horse racing farm that we frequented to in elementary school for field trips.  He graciously offered the farm for our reunion.  It was totally laid back and lots of fun.  I didn't want it to be expensive or pretentious so I had it be a Pot-Luck style.

The reunion was this past weekend and we had a blast.  (I am so proud of my hubby - if you would have observed the reunion you would have thought that HE went to my high school with me even though he had never met anyone that was there!!)  We BBQ'd, drank beers, took shots of Fireball, played sand Volleyball.  One of my boots got thrown up on the roof - so Thomas and I had to stunt to get me up there to retrieve it - no pictures of that taken.  The venue was AMAZING - I wish I lived there!!

Please enjoy the following pics.

Beautiful setting...we are hanging out on the inside of the practice racetrack where they have a pond, outdoor kitchen and covered "lodge" room.

the "petting zoo"
pig named Bacon!!
a zebra and mini horses
and a pygmy goat
not pictured a mini cow, alpaca's and a sheep

another outbuilding with a little pond/fountain and a well

cheers to the class of 2002!!

have you had your reunion yet?  what was yours like?

♥ Ashley


  1. Looks like fun, nice farm/space too. My reunion would have been last year but nothing happened :( I was a little sad about it because I know the class before us had a great reunion.

  2. We had ours recently, its crazy seeing everyone with kids! Its crazy knowing that I have a kid :-)


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