Friday, August 10, 2012

[Picture Thursday] Around our Yard

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another edition of Picture Thursday (happening on Friday as I had no internet yesterday)

We have a "wild"addition to our menagerie.  A wild bunny - we have named him Baxter.  
 He is totally cute and loves to spend time in our flower garden and veg patch.  He let me get close enough for this picture and turned to look at me when I said his name!!  We love our wild bunny!
 And our project - 4 years in the making.  I have wanted a nice large fire pit in our back yard since we moved in.  As most of our yard focus has been in our front yard this has not been a priority.  We just recently (this year) turned our focus to fixing up the back yard - when we bought the house it was so jammed packed with trees and such it was hard for the dogs to find a potty spot!! We removed the "tumors" (junipers) x 4 of them!! The holly bushes, the devil bush - a barberry, a blue spruce, a pine, 2 azaleas and 2 rhodadendrons.  We are left with a giant maple, two lilacs, a dogwood, a redbud, and a black smoke tree.  We added in some grass - thanks to Thomas' brother ordering too much sod - and 4 hydrangeas!
 We finally decided upon a spot for our fire pit but were debating the material to use.  As we have a TON of these white landscaping rocks - thanks to the previous owners - we thought we would recycle what we already had and save some money!! All this cost was time, effort, and two bags of sand!!

I am so excited to put in some wood, set it on fire and make s'mores!!

♥ Ashley

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