Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[Decorate Wednesday] - The Garden

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Its been a while since I posted pics of our garden.  I love gardening/farming and it is a big part of my life - not sure why I don't share it very often here on this blog.  But here we go please enjoy the pictures as you scroll through the page.  These pics were taken a couple weeks ago. 

 I got some anemone bulbs a couple years ago - but never planted them.  I decided to put them in this year if they bloomed then great - if not well I already wasted them because I didn't plant them anyways.  Here they are - most are red but I got a double purple and I love it!  only about 50% of them came up but I think that is pretty good odds.

 volunteer nasturtium
 a red anemone and I decided it was time to get some "black" in the garden with this dahlia

 peas and corn and LOTS of sunflowers

 first attempt at an artichoke
 ballerina rose from my mom
 ladybug on the sunflower
 onions are actually working this year - gotta fert these guys a TON
 first tomato of the season and it was delish
 green bell peppers - you should see them now!
 first attempt at a zuchinni - this one did not do well half of it rotted...but still many more to come
 apple tree
 part of my hydrangea collection
 the hydrangea we got for our couple's shower back in 2008 is finally blooming again!!!

 my mom's planters and geraniums

 the dinning set from my moms gazebo with some hydrangea and geraniums

 more of my hydrangea collection and yes I planted some Rue because of "The Hunger Games" although this rue is purple and not yellow.

 we moved our raspberry hopefully it does better here

we love the wild frogs at our home!!!

Thank you for taking a garden tour!!

♥ Ashley

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