Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 4th Anniversary!!

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I had all sorts of plans to do posts leading up to our wedding anniversary...but then I got stuck with Jury Duty and I couldn't find my cd of wedding pictures (and FB doesn't let you access your own uploaded pics!)  So I will make due with this - maybe next year I will be organized - this year not so much.

I won't bore you with the deets of our wedding in this post nor do I plan on bombarding you with gushy mushy lovey dovey stuff.  At least I will try!!

4 years ago today we said "I Do"

We got engaged on December 6, 2006 and set our date 08.08.08 which gave us plenty of time to graduate from college, buy a house, get jobs and plan the perfect wedding.  

We got married at The Canal in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle Washington.  They also did the catering.  The weather was gorgeous for both our rehearsal and our wedding and poured down rain the next day - today actually was the nicest we have had on our anniversary since we got married.  We saw each other before the ceremony to take pictures.  
Our wedding colours were a chartreuseyish green and brown - it was a challenge but we did find brown tuxes.

Our wedding date was also the opening day/ceremony for the Olympics as 8 is a VERY lucky number in the Asian culture.

Here's how it went down:  Girl meets Boy.  Girl is dating different boy and Boy is dating different girl.  Let 2 years pass.  Boy see's Girl on AOL instant messenger and asks on date.  Girl says yes.  Girl asks Boy to be on college cheer team.  Boy says yes. Let 1 1/2 years pass. Boy asks Girl to marry him. Girl says YES. Let 1 1/2 years pass Girl marries Boy they say I DO.  Let 4 years pass Boy and Girl are still VERY happily married.

So basically I married my Best Friend.  Thomas surprises me every day with how thoughtful and caring he is.  I can never get over the love I have for him when I see him cuddling with his dog, Sakari or the joy he shows in spending time with his goats.  He loves his goats.  He has been loving and supportive over the past 4 years especially with my employment issues.  He aim's to make me happy and always hits the bullseye!! I would be lying if we didn't argue but it seriously doesn't feel like we ever have. We always go to bed with a kiss and an "I love you" and he makes me my coffee in the morning (I have him convinced that I "don't know how").  He truly is the best person for me and I am so lucky to have found him and married him.

 I love this photo.
First kiss as Mr. & Mrs!!

Happy 4 year Anniversary to the Love of my Life!!

♥ Ashley

if you are interested in the wedding deets let me know in the comments section and I will work on making a few posts.

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  1. oh, happy anniversary!! your dress looks amazing! and it sounds like you guys have had a great life so far together :)

    Have a lovely evening <3 Amy @ Interpret As You May

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