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{Toddler Tuesday} 18 -21 month favorites

18 -21 month favorites

Just one more favorites post after this and my babe will officially be 2 years old!!

This was such a fun age to experience with Ellie! As a nanny and bringing Ellie to work with me there were a few things that have really helped her to transition to new situations and environments.  I think we are pretty lucky for her to have such an adaptable personality anyways but anything I could do to help create a routine or norm really has helped.

Since Ellie is still in a crib at home I have found that Pack'n Plays are really beneficial to her naptime routine, we don't actually have one of our own but use the ones at the nanny houses.  Ellie doesn't seem to be too worried with which one she uses but I cant totally see the benefit of this one, just for its ease of opening and weight.  I would definitely invest in the 4moms next time around.  I love to use the pack'n play because it is small and portable and it can contain her while she is getting ready to sleep.

Chewbeads were a new favorite again. Ellie loves to wear this necklace and chew on it whenever the need hits. It's great for her teeth and so easy to clean, just throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher and you are good to go!

Swaddle Blankets have pretty much been a favorite for Ellie's whole life.  We didn't have it in our budget to get the famed ones that everyone likes, but I found these which are a great substitute at both Target and discount stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls.  They are a great light weight blanket and super easy to take to our nanny houses since they don't take up too much room. Ellie loves to carry them around our house and play ghost in them too!

I could go on and on for days about the benefit of soft soled moccasins for days and days.  Of course these ones are absolutely fantastic and have such great workmanship.  They really help her learn to balance and don't trip her up. They mimic bare feet which are the best way for kiddos to learn how to walk. 

Stuffed animals have become a favorite around here and we have two Jellycats.  We love them because they are super soft and just so darn cute. I'm a huge fan of the bunny (I have a bunny myself) but the goat speaks to my goat farming heart!!

Crayons and Board Books I think are self explanatory.  The Sandra Boyton ones are so cute and we find them in packages of three at Costco. Ellie loves to flip through them and she can't rip the pages out. Crayons or "Cores!!" are a fave of Ellie's, though we have to supervise her with them since she tries to color on the table and eat them..,

Pacifiers are used very rarely in our house. Mostly for naps and nighttime sleep. Occasionally Ellie will find them in the diaper bag and think she is super sneaky by pulling it out. These ones are her favorite and the only ones she has used since birth!!

What were some of your favorite items for this age??

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  1. I love these!! My little girl is 16 months and the Pack N Play is a lifesaver when we travel or go over to the MIL for dinner or something

  2. This is great! I'm going to have to remember this when Caleb's older. :-)

  3. Great list! My mom just bought Odette her second Jellycat. They are the greatest stuffed animals!

  4. Jellycats! I picked one up for "the bean" when I was preggers and Parker loves it now and takes it with him when he needs a little extra love (like to the ER, eek!). It totally reminds me of being pregnant and getting ready for baby! I didn't know Sandra Boynton books are sold at Costco! They are a favorite here too. Parker always turns them to the back and points out all the pictures of the books we do and don't have, so I'll have to check Costco so we can add to our stash!

  5. Chewbeads are the best at this age! Callie still finds the ones I had for her and plays with them even now! It's so funny the things they "grow" out of but come back to for play! Great list for this age for sure!


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