Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our Weekend - the last one of February

Seriously how is tomorrow already March? I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.  We have been living life to the fullest here lately and I have been so busy living life that I have not done the greatest job at documenting...such is a life worth living.

On Friday, I grabbed one of Ellie's hair bows and clipped it into Finnley's hair...her first ponytail ;) not quite but I am totally smitten.  She was pretty excited too.

Then the girls started playing around and they did it wrong...why does my almost 4 year old like the exersaucer more than my 10 month old???? haha they enjoyed themselves nonetheless.  But they were playing together, having fun and no one was crying or fighting so lets just call that a win!

Saturday morning Thomas was in Ellie's room playing with the girls.  He came out and told me to go take a peek at Finnley...how cute!  She crawled around with that green monkey on her back for over an hour.  I think we can call them best buddies.

I purchased a rug a few weeks ago, it's currently on sale and I purchased through Ebates) and when I brought it home it had a giant stain on it (must have been the reason it was returned) so I had to return it and order a new one.  It finally arrived so we made plans to go pick it up.  I spent the morning deep cleaning the living room and moving all of the furniture out so we could be ready to go when we got home to set out the rug. We stopped at The Spaghetti Factory for lunch and we all had a great time.  Our server was spectacular and we got to sit in the Trolley which made Ellie's day.  The girls got complimentary applesauce and ice cream so all our tummy's were happy.

please notice Finnley just chewing on the trolley (insert eye roll emoji)

When we got home we were able to get the girls down for their naps (#praisehands) and I had to do a final mopping before we could bring the rug in and it seemed like it took forever for the floors to dry...so I grabbed a towel and dried the floors myself!  Since all of our furniture was moved we decided to do a bit of rearranging and I am loving this new layout!

Shortly after we got it all set up the girls woke up and we got ready for Nanny and cousin to come over.  We had a delicious dinner of Pork Loin (which was surprisingly good since I am a self professed non Pork eater) potatoes, kale, and artisan bread.  Plus I made these for dessert and oh my word I can never get enough of them! We were so busy visiting, cooking and playing that we didn't get any pictures.

Sunday morning the girls were up bright and early (despite their late night) and can we all just take in this cuteness?!! I love my family so very much.

Our plans for the day were to head out to Dim Sum and check out the Museum of Flight.  We got ready and someone was really into taking the selfies!

My girls are picky eaters but I guess they are adventurous too.  While Ellie may not like chocolate, cheeseburgers, or mac'n'cheese; she sure does like Indian curry, Thai rice, and chow mein.  Hopefully Finnley will follow suit but she seemed less than impressed with our meal - so she ate goldfish.

You know when Ellie really enjoys something because she eats it with her eyes closed so she can fully focus on all the flavor...I don't know where she gets it from!!

We then made it to the Museum of Flight and girlfriend insisted on pushing her sis around in the stroller - which lasted about 3 minutes!!  We saw so many cool airplanes, I met a nice gentleman who worked there and we had a lovely conversation, and Ellie got tired of walking so she joined her sister on the stroller...

We then made our way over to the Space area and we couldn't pass up the photo op with the space man...one girl was more cooperative than the other.  *Actually Finnley was pretty much done by this point and Thomas had taken Ellie to one of the exhibits so I tried to get Finnley's picture, she was crying and just not happy.  Then some guy walked by and told her to smile for mommy and I captured the best photo ever!! Thanks stranger!!*

The girls fell asleep on the way home and then promptly woke up when we pulled into the drive way.  They had lunch, Ellie asked for her nap, and we tried to put Finnley down again.  Ellie's nap was a wash but Finnley slept for a couple of hours...we actually had to wake her up!!  But while they were sleeping I made this dessert and wanted to redeem myself for the Beef Wellington I made for Christmas Eve.  This time I used individual fillet's and omitted the mushroom portion.  Y'all this was so freaking good, I want it once a month for sure!! All it is: Puff Pastry, Prosciutto, Beef Tenderloin.  Wrap the beef with the prosciutto and then wrap with the puff pastry.  Brush with an egg wash and put in a 400º oven for about 20 min.

The perfect end to February!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Your girls are so adorable! It looks like you had a great time.

  2. I know, beats me too that it is already March :-o Your littles are so adorable, looks like you guys had such a blast.

    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com


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