Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekending - movies, dentist appointments, and the zoo

It's been a while since I've done any sort of weekending post...maybe because I kind of touch them on Finnley's weekly posts? But those mainly focus on her and skips the rest of us.  Our weekends have been pretty full lately so I thought I would clump them all together.
One of Ellie's favorite things to do lately is wash her play tea set in the sink.  I think this is great practice for her to start helping with our actual dishes.  Plus it keeps her busy for close to 30 minutes so there aren't any complaints over here about it...until she gets water all over.

We took Ellie for her first Movie Theatre experience a couple of weekends ago and because we love to be with our kiddos so much we brought Finnley along too. We waited so long because we wanted to make sure that Ellie would be "into" the movie and also have lots of practice sitting still for long periods of time.  Not to mention that movies are so dang expensive these days that we wanted to make sure we could all enjoy it...I've had a few friends who have had to leave in the middle because their toddler was not having it.  So when Thomas found a theatre showing Moana in a sing along version for just about $5 a person we jumped at the chance (and Finnley was free)!!  We did a lot of frontloading with Ellie for this movie trip and she was very excited for the popcorn.  We got there early and snagged the seats that had the aisle in front of them, which was perfect because it gave Ellie room to move around and dance if she felt the need.   Y'all the movie was so good and the girls both did fantastic - as long as there was popcorn.  I'm so happy that we had such a positive experience and we will be checking that theatre again often to see if it has any more cheap deals!

After the movie we had lunch and these two girls had a lot of fun with the high chairs...

Last weekend I took Ellie to her dentist appointment.  Back in the day I used to coach a cheerleading team and one of my girls is going to school to be a dental hygienist.  Her school was hosting a free kids dental clinic and I jumped at the opportunity to help her out.  They had all sorts of fun activities in the waiting area for the kiddos, were playing a movie (Zootopia and Hotel Transylvania 2) on a big screen, and a white board for them to color on.  Ellie was in heaven with Zootopia and danced all around and insisted on sitting in the chair within reaching distance of the screen.  I got to go back with her for her appointment (I chose to forgo the xrays) and my cheerleader was her hygienist! It was so fun to catch up with her and have Ellie have a calm and fun experience!  This was her second trip to the dentist (see how the first one went here) and she did so so good!  The sunglasses they had were a bit big and I randomly had a pair of hers in my purse so she got to wear those instead.  There were a couple of times where she wanted to hold my hand but overall she did awesome.

After the dentist we decided to pop into Portland, OR since it was just a short drive away.  We stopped at Starbucks so Ellie could get her go to order: iced whole milk and a birthday cake pop. I found an awesome travel mug for Thomas so we picked that up for him, stopped and got gas (they pump it for you in OR) and made our way home.  I needed to make a stop along the way to pick up an item on hold at World Market and Ellie had a blast walking around and checking out all the fun decor pieces.

The next day the Westside of Washington was hit with about 10'' of SNOW!! This much snow in the lowlands really doesn't happen very often so our area goes totally nutso over it.  It is so quiet and peaceful...but I am so glad we live in an area where is barely lasts a week!!  We built a snowman, Ellie made snow angels and Finnley just cried over how cold it all was.

This last weekend we went to the Zoo and Aquarium.  I love our stroller to death but we can't use it in the Aquarium...I cannot wait until Finnley is walking because these trips will get so much easier and more fun when she can.  In the meantime at least she can stand and hold herself up to look at the exhibits.  The Zoo has a couple of Camels that you can pay to ride and up until this trip Ellie hasn't been tall enough...they have to be 3 years old and 36" tall.  She finally met both criteria and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to let her ride the big beast.  She was a bit nervous at first even though I reassured her it was way safer than on her pony but once she got on she was totally fine!

After the Zoo we made our way to this great little Fish and Chips place on the waterfront but before we could get inside a train came and blocked our path...Ellie was so very excited!!!

the day was full of many interrupted naps for the littlest one and once we got home she just wanted to cuddle with me.  She fell asleep on my chest for a bit and then threw her head back and was so comfortable on my legs and slept this way for about 20 minutes!

Overall we've been having some busy weekends that are full of so much fun.  Living this life as a family of four is just fantastic.

What have you been up to?

♥ Ashley

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