Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 43

These weeks are seriously just flying by.  Here in the PNW we had a snow storm that totally put our area out of commission.  I know for most of you a few inches of snow is nothing but since we don't regularly get snow our area is extremely ill equipped to deal with it.  School was cancelled for two days and then we had a 2 hour delay as hopefully that will give y'all an idea.

Week 43

Eats: I've been really trying to get Finnley to eat more solids this week and I think she is getting the hang of it.  We are still working on getting her to self feed...I really need to let go of my controlling nature...and also some sign language.  She is learning "more" and "milk" and while she hasn't successfully signed yet with more practice I am sure she will figure it out.  She has totally associated her bottle with eating and when she gets hungry and we show her a bottle she gets to excited about it! 

Sleeps: well the babe has been off and on with her naps again this week...I am seeing a trend.  But her sleep time is still going around 12 hours strong.  This week I did some shopping and got a sound machine and a humidifier (for both girls) and I am really hoping to see some improvement with their snotty noses.  This has also made me want to rearrange their rooms a bit so I am planning to get to that sometime this week.  Additionally girlfriend is growing so dang much that I had to get down my box of 18m clothing and Finnley is now wearing 18m sleepers, they're a bit big on her but definitely not snug on her toes.

Does: the babe has started shaking her head and she just gets a total kick out of it.  She is crawling around everywhere and pulls up on just about anything...then proceeds to cry because she is "stuck"  Though a few days ago she started to figure out how to get back down on her knees.  She is making all sorts of sounds: 'mamamamama' 'dadadadada' are two of our favorites.

Goes: no where too exciting this week, just the mall, Costco, the grocery store and out to dinner.  However, we did take her out in the snow and she wasn't really a fan...not surprisingly I might add.

Mama: my headaches are much better, I just had one this week but was able to alleviate the symptoms quickly.  Then last week I was tossing Finnley up in the air and catching her when I did something to my neck, I am still a bit stiff and sore but it's getting better each day - man I hate getting old, lol.  Life with these two little nuggets has been quite spectacular this week full of not sharing toys, hitting, and sloppy kisses.

Sister: Ellie still loves her sister to pieces but is having a hard time sharing the toys with Finnley, I can tell this is going to be an uphill battle but hopefully if we can stay on top of it now they will get better as time goes on.  Ellie's "possessiveness" is really bothersome to me (probably stems from my childhood) so I really want to nip that in the bud.  Finnley is none the wiser and just keeps doing what babies do, so that is an advantage ;)  Even though they have gotten into a couple of tiffs this week these two are sisters and friends forever.  Ellie really can't stop giving her sister some loves and Finnley just wants to be wherever Ellie is!!

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  1. The weather has been something in the PNW huh! Your posts about your children are so sweet!


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